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Team Work

By S. J. Brown  Like many writers I am a bit of a loner.  I can easily spend large blocks of time alone and be quite content.  I also find that being part of a team can be very rewarding. … Continue reading

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Getting Educated on Marketing

By S. J. Brown As a writer there are two things I truly suck at, punctuation and marketing.  One of my New Year’s resolutions was to work on both.  So when an on line course I had been eyeing was … Continue reading

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A New Me

Recently while my homemaker from the local senior center was cleaning, she found plaster falling from the ceiling near my kitchen door. Apparently, it had gotten wet. This could only mean one thing. My roof was leaking again. Why didn’t … Continue reading

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Looking Back at 2016

By S. J. Brown Since 2016 is almost over I thought I would reminisce a bit.  For several years I have been sharing my images on Facebook.   I share a new photo each Sunday so there are many photos that … Continue reading

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A New Adventure

By S. J. Brown I am always up for exploring new territory.  I eagerly wander wooded areas, fields and streams in search of wild critters to photograph.  I’m not picky any wild critter will do, big or small it doesn’t … Continue reading

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Hangover: A Source of Inspiration by Abbie Johnson Taylor

Author Abbie Johnson Taylor Now that the holiday season has passed, some people’s thoughts turn to the effects of drinking too much on New Year’s Eve. Did you know that a hangover isn’t necessarily related to consuming a lot of … Continue reading

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Preserving Memories, or Why I Always Loved the Cellar

By Stephanie Stamm On the day my parents first brought me home from the hospital—after I had spent two weeks in an incubator because I was nearly two months premature—my fifteen-year-old brother took me to the cellar. Upon discovering this, … Continue reading

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