Have you ever rode the rails?

Have you ever rode a long journey on a train? It’s a blast. My love for the train goes way back to my grandpa who had been an engineer for the Milwaukee Road and drove the Hiawatha from Minneapolis to Chicago and points beyond. My dad loved the train. He brought me twice to Chicago … Continue reading Have you ever rode the rails?


Aloha Me!

It’s that time of year again. Time to prepare for Left Coast Crime. This year it’s in Hawaii. It’s called Honolulu Havoc – March 16-19. Having the conference in Hawaii is great and it’s not. One of the down sides is that it’s expensive. It’s a 6 hour flight from Los Angeles and even longer … Continue reading Aloha Me!

“JUST” is just a crutch

  I’ve completed my last draft of DETECTIVE RULES. It’s now being read by a beta reader. After that I’ll make changes, get it proofread then it’s off to the publisher who has shown interest. This blog isn’t about what I’ll do in the interim, but what I did during that last draft. I search … Continue reading “JUST” is just a crutch

Promote Your Book in 10 Steps by Cher’ley

This Blog by Cher'ley Grogg Books do not sell themselves. We have to get out there and get our names known and sell those books. Some of these you already practice and some of them are perhaps new to you. The Internet has made us much more involved in our own marketing. Websites and Blogs … Continue reading Promote Your Book in 10 Steps by Cher’ley

New fangled techniques

This post is by Nancy Jardine Today, some authors are a mite concerned about whether or not print books are going to still be around in the near future, the texts having been supplanted by the ebook revolution. We’re in that state of flux just now where many novels, and non-fiction books, are available only … Continue reading New fangled techniques


          This post written and copyrighted by Doris McCraw   Auguste Rodin's sculpture ' The Thinker' always comes to mind when anyone talks about thinking. We all do it. It is as natural as breathing. This weekend I experienced  both extremes of thinking, over thinking and under or not thinking. In the first … Continue reading Thinking

What you wish for…

We’ve all heard variations of the Chinese proverb “be careful what you wish for, as you just might receive it.” Personally I found there were many things that I wouldn’t mind being burdened with, such as a clean house, more money, paid mortgage. Then of course there are the truer things like a healthy family, … Continue reading What you wish for…

Satisfaction by Cher’ley

This post by Cher'ley Grogg Chocolate in almost any form is great! Cake, candy bars, cookies, fudge, cupcakes, chocolate milk, chocolate ice cream and my favorite chocolate yogurt. (Fudge Recipe at the end of this blog) Chocolate activates endorphin in our brains and this causes us to have a feeling of satisfaction. Another form of … Continue reading Satisfaction by Cher’ley

Outside the …box? Maybe just out of my writer’s chair.

This post is by Nancy Jardine.Having fun out of my writer’s chair.Sometimes, I have just got to try something new. For a little thrill. To stir the white/grey/brown sludge that’s meant to be my brain. And let’s not forget to stir and stretch my real live muscles and tendons (some of those are getting a … Continue reading Outside the …box? Maybe just out of my writer’s chair.

Who Influenced Your Writing? – By Sherry Hartzler

People often ask where I get my inspiration for writing stories.One summer, around the age of ten, my mother bought the first in a series of books featuring teenage sleuth, Trixie Beldon. I can still remember going home with that new book and sitting under a tree and reading. The mystery stories took me into … Continue reading Who Influenced Your Writing? – By Sherry Hartzler