Time is on My Side, Yes it Is by Cher’ley

This Blog  by Cher’ley Grogg Q: What did the second hand say to the hour hand as it passed by? A:  See you again in a minute. Q: What do you call a story that one clock tells to another? A: Second-hand information. Time is on My Side, Yes it Is: Time is on my side, … Continue reading Time is on My Side, Yes it Is by Cher’ley


Days Pass Quickly

This post by Gayle M. Irwin “I've been lately thinking about my life's time - all the things I've done and how it's been...The days they pass so quickly now...” So go the words to a song titled “Poems, Prayers, & Promises” by John Denver. Another year has rolled around. Three of my high school … Continue reading Days Pass Quickly

Oh, those LASTS…

 This post is by Nancy Jardine.It amazes even me that in this time of ‘throw- away culture’ I have so many bits and pieces stored around my house that seem like junk. I’ve been blogging like mad this summer about things I’ve kept for years and years with no particular use for them, save that … Continue reading Oh, those LASTS…

Patience and Hope – Virtues of a Writer

This post by Gayle Irwin Ten years – that's how long it took Dr. Debra Holland to reach the peak of notoriety in the romance writing world – words of encouragement or words of despair for those who listened to her talk at a recent writing and publishing conference. One hundred-forty rejections... that's what Jack … Continue reading Patience and Hope – Virtues of a Writer

Keeping it Simple – By Sherry Hartzler

Words are beautiful. Good writing covers all five senses, paragraphs that engage the reader to the point of transporting them into the pages of your book. Words are truly amazing.. The trick is to keep writing simple but, at the same time, weave a compelling string of sentences that appear simple and easy to read. … Continue reading Keeping it Simple – By Sherry Hartzler

When I was a kid . . .

When I was a kid, I loved listening to the stories my grandmother told about living in the small coal mining town of Republic, Pennsylvania. When she talked, I saw visions of company houses, narrow streets and hills that sloped down to the mines. My grandmother told stories of Irish, Polish and Hungarian immigrants, women … Continue reading When I was a kid . . .

Are You A Book Promotions Expert?

This post by L.Leander, Author of Fearless Fiction Book promotion is a full-time job.  Just ask any Indie author and you’ll get an earful.  Not only are we responsible for the story, cover, editing, formatting and whatever else needs to be done, we are also responsible to get the word out about the book once … Continue reading Are You A Book Promotions Expert?

Permission to do nothing

This post by Jennifer Flaten This is the second week of summer vacation. It is also the start of summer school. All the kids are enrolled in summer school, in various fun programs. Both girls are taking cooking, art and musical theatre classes. My son is taking art, computers and sports. The classes don’t run … Continue reading Permission to do nothing

Finishing Touches – By Sherry

This post by Sherry Hartzler Funny thing happened while on the road to the final proof of my book, Chasing Joe. I decided to go through one last time (famous last words) looking for overused words, such as LOOK, JUST, TOOK AND OKAY. When the “find and replace” responds with “word too numerous to display,” … Continue reading Finishing Touches – By Sherry

The Weary Traveler – By Sherry Hartzler

    This blog by Sherry ***       I am a very weary traveler coming to the end of an arduous journey. My wits are gone, my bones are tired and my sense of reality has gone schizophrenic. Ah, yes, you’ve probably already guessed. My so-called journey is of the writing variety. I proudly … Continue reading The Weary Traveler – By Sherry Hartzler