10 Days on the Road

By S. J. Brown On the eve of my latest photo trip the living room was filled with duffle bags, camera equipment and anticipation. Jay and I were hoping for sunny skies, warmer weather and co operative critters. Our plan was to take the scenic route to Texas with stops in several states along the … Continue reading 10 Days on the Road



By S. J. Brown Have you ever wondered what goes into a field trip for a wildlife photographer? January is when I plan out large portions of my year. As snow piles up outside Jay and I spread books, maps and the trusted atlas on the dining room table. We have notes from shows we … Continue reading Planning

Six Nights, Six Beds

Earlier this month my husband and I went to WorldCon75. The World Science Fiction convention happens every year, in a different city. This year it was in Helsinki. We’d planned it a year ahead of time because we were super excited to be finally going to Finland. Since my brother-in-law lives in England we decided … Continue reading Six Nights, Six Beds

Looking Back at 2016

By S. J. Brown Since 2016 is almost over I thought I would reminisce a bit.  For several years I have been sharing my images on Facebook.   I share a new photo each Sunday so there are many photos that my blogging buddies don’t get to see.  So I thought I would include the 10 … Continue reading Looking Back at 2016

Research? Or sheer indulgence?

This post is by Nancy Jardine. Tomorrow, I’m embarking on a journey part of which was roughly trod by the Ancient Roman Armies of General Agricola in AD 83/84, and of the Roman Emperor Severus in AD 210, when they came to explore my part of north-east Scotland. The route shown on the map follows … Continue reading Research? Or sheer indulgence?

A farcical pizza!

This post is by Nancy Jardine. It could only happen in Rome. Picture this: I’m sitting on the plane last Wednesday 27th April 2016, during my return flight to Edinburgh after my utterly fantastic 3 day break in Rome, wondering what might be the requirements for doing some travel writing. I’ve never considered this type … Continue reading A farcical pizza!

Buildings That Tell a Story

by Sarah M. Chen I recently got back from a trip to Boston, one of my favorite cities. The main reason I love this city is that it has so much history. Okay, that’s a lie. I love this city because of the FOOD!             But the history is a … Continue reading Buildings That Tell a Story

The Joy of Discovery

As an author I love discovering new things about my books as I'm writing them. Though I do plan, with as detailed an outline as my pantser brain can handle, I still uncover things I didn't know about the story. Part of the fun with being a writer is that joy of discovery. Finding out … Continue reading The Joy of Discovery

Get Your Motor Runnin’ – It’s Travel and Conference Season!

This post by Gayle M. Irwin As this post goes live, I am traveling. It's Mother's Day weekend, and I'm visiting my parents in Montana. If the weather cooperates, I'll be taking them on a spring-time drive through the heart of central Montana, stopping at sites along the Missouri River, having lunch in a quaint … Continue reading Get Your Motor Runnin’ – It’s Travel and Conference Season!

Basking in Beauty: Past, Present and Future

This post by Gayle M. Irwin The past several days I've spent in the sunny southwest. The desert is alive with color and since spring was just last week, I found the timing of my visit very appropriate. While in Phoenix, I saw roses and multiple other types of flowers. Traveling to Tucson, cactus flowers, … Continue reading Basking in Beauty: Past, Present and Future