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Halloween 1870s Style

Post by Doris McCraw First, I’ll get my new story/promotion out of the way. I have a story in the anthology “One Yuletide Knight” that is now up for pre-order and will be available as an ebook on November 2, … Continue reading

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Getting Educated on Marketing

By S. J. Brown As a writer there are two things I truly suck at, punctuation and marketing.  One of my New Year’s resolutions was to work on both.  So when an on line course I had been eyeing was … Continue reading

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How to Tell if Your Slip is Showing!

    This post by L.Leander, Author of Fearless Fiction If you are a woman many of you have run into a problem with your slip showing below your hemline. Not only does it look unprofessional, when someone brings it … Continue reading

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The Unexpected by SJ

        This Post by S. J. Brown Recently I was reminded life rarely goes as planned. Sometimes you just have to go with it. Like the bride & groom that had an extra thousand or so people … Continue reading

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Face Your Fears by Cher’ley

This Blog by Cher’ley Grogg Facing my fears holds a Skyscraper meaning for me. Since I am terrified of heights. Maybe not so much now. Still, typing the word Skyscraper made my stomach flip-flop. Speaking of flip-flops, my recent beach … Continue reading

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To Promote or To Not Promote-That is the Question by Cher’ley

This Blog by Cher’ley Grogg A few more tips about promoting. The Business of Being an Author Even if you’re an accomplished writer, it takes more than a few hundred brilliant manuscript pages to become a successful book author. From … Continue reading

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Richard Sherman vs. William Faulkner – What Matters More the Product or the Personality? by Travis

This blog by Travis Richardson So one of the most lopsided Superbowls in NFL history is over, and, while this post might seem stale since any cultural event is only fresh enough to comment on for the first couple of … Continue reading

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Reading Challenge by Travis

This blog by Travis Richardson So 2014 is here, and I’m already feeling behind. I accomplished a lot in 2013, but at the same time there was a lot more I wanted to do. As a writer I try to … Continue reading

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CU, C-ME, C3 by Cher’ley

That’s what I do at Conferences–CU and other people. I arrived on Friday before noon (in case they needed extra help). This Blog by Cher’ley Grogg After years of following and becoming online friends (way before Facebook) with Austin Camacho, I … Continue reading

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Speak up!

This post is by Erin Thorne. Many people are terrified by the thought of public speaking. It’s easy enough to see why; you’re up there, in front of the crowd, alone. All eyes are upon you. The audience is hanging … Continue reading

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