Resources for Authors-To Schedule Ahead of Time

How to pre-schedule a post in WordPress

by L.Leander

  1. When your post is ready hit Save Draft (this is really important so you don’t lose any information.  I’m in the habit of saving draft often – I write my posts in Word and copy/paste them to WordPress.
  2. On the right hand side of the screen is a button that says “Publish Immediately”.  Next to it is an “edit” drop down menu.  Click on that.
  3. You’ll see a little box that has the month, day, year and time.  It goes to military time in the afternoon.  So, using today’s date the box should look like this:  02-Feb, 03,2013  23:19
  4. Leave the month alone unless you’re way ahead of schedule.  In the day key in whichever day you want the post to go live.  So you’d change the 03 to 12, for instance for the 12th of the month.
  5. I always use either 5 or 7 in the time slot.  This is because I live in Mexico and am on mountain time.  That schedules my post at an early morning hour.  WordPress is difficult because it often changes the date to the next day (early in the evening here).  So, you may have to play with a time to get the right one for your area, but I think you could safely use 5 or 7.
  6. Click on ok.  Your post is now scheduled for the date and time you want.
  7. For a couple of rounds, I’d double check your post to be sure you did it right or the time is correct for your time zone.

To Re-size Photos:

To re-size photos- touch the photo with your cursor and a little blue icon comes up-click on the icon (edit image) and there is a list of 60% to 130%- click on the 60% then go to the bottom left and hit update-repeat this as often as necessary until you get the desired size, You will also see none-left-center-right with little circles by each one. If you want the text to wrap around either before or after the picture click on the left or right. and then hit update. (I don’t use the other parts because I don’t usually do photos that need credited).


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