Networking and Committment


Doris McCraw


I just returned from a lovely weekend it Albuquerque. I spent it with the wonderful members of Women Writing the West.  

I am now busy rushing to return to work, but wanted to share my thoughts on the weekend.

Perhaps you wonder why would I drive all that way, about 400 miles just to spend time with people I barely know. Because I want to get to know them better. For me networking has been a natural part of my life. I do enjoy people and listening to their stories. Not only to I get to know someone better, their lives and experiences can be great learning tools. Let’s face it, we don’t have time to make all the mistakes we need to learn. It makes sense to learn from those of others and they of yours.

At a writers conference I can and do learn from the trials and tribulations of my co-writers and they learn from mine. We also get to share in each others joys and triumphs. Many friends I have met over the years with the various organizations I spend time with have become mentors and for me someone who does what I aspire to do.

It does take time. You have to be committed to doing your due diligence and they say. Getting to know and letting others know you can create a lifetime of joys. It also can become the lifeline you may need when your progress as a writer and creative have hit a ‘brick wall’.

If you are committed to a life as a writer/creative then don’t just take and say me, me, me but find like minded people and network and share, share, share. Everyone will come out ahead, for you are helping each other on the ladder to success.

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