Picture This by SJ

 This Post by S. J. Brown Recently I was asked to give a talk about using photographs when writing. As a wildlife photographer photographs are an intimate part of my writing. I begin with the image, then write the words. With the aid of the internet you can literally have any type of image at … Continue reading Picture This by SJ



This Post by L.Leander, Author of Fearless Fiction Bookmarks come in many different shapes and sizes.  They are used for everything from marking a place in a book where you left off reading or highlighting a passage on a Kindle that you might want to refer to later.  I am from the old school and have a … Continue reading Bookmarks

Where Does a Story Start?

by Alethea Williams Most of us who write have had the experience of someone wanting to tell us their story so that we can write it down and make lots of money.  The two things I have trouble conveying to people who don’t write are: 1) I have enough story ideas of my own. 2) … Continue reading Where Does a Story Start?