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Posted by Kathy Waller


Last weekend, I wrote a post about cows. It ran to over 1100 words, and I hadn’t covered even half of the cows I’d planned to. Furthermore, it was silly. I scrapped it.

Coy © David David
“Coy” © David David

Today I started a post in which I intended to compare a book by artist-author Shel Silverstein to the novels of Katherine Paterson. The first part–the Shel Silverstein part–ran to over 1300 words, and there were more to come.

That posed a problem, as most of the piece was to be about Katherine Paterson.  I liked what I’d written, and so would other English majors, some of them, maybe, but most people aren’t English majors. They find literary criticism tedious. So I scrapped it.


© David Davis
“Lmao” © David Davis


© David Davis
© David Davis

Then I thought about writing a brief post about symbolism, drawing from the novels and stories of Ernest Hemingway. It was going to be lighthearted and self-effacing–because symbolism is my least favorite literary device, owing to the fact that I rarely know it when I see it.

In my head, the post sounded both interesting and amusing. But before I could put fingers to keys, it began to sound like it could run to another thousand words or more. I’m glad I realized that before I wrote. Scrapping three posts, even justified scrapping, would hurt.

© David Davis
© David Davis

So here I am with no post. I’ll be traveling the next few days and want to get my post written and ready to go online before leaving. So I’m grabbing the next topic in the pile–Alien Life Forms on Earth.

Although NASA hasn’t officially admitted this, reliable sources within the organization swear that these beings not only visit Earth, but actually come here for rest and relaxation. Most gather at Alien Resort, “a favorite vacation spot known throughout the universe.” At the request of my husband, CEO (I guess that’s what he is) of Alien Resort, I’ve drawn pictures of some of the extraterrestrial visitors.

© David Davis
© David Davis

At first, I was reluctant to do the portraits. I used to produce marginally acceptable work using oils and acrylics, but give me a pencil and I’ll make a mess. MS Paint, however, is a miracle worker. My husband asked for two or three aliens, and I’ve already emailed him thirty-one.

The key to my success, I believe, is that I don’t care what the finished product looks like. I don’t have to care. Those puppies look like what I say they look like. 

Anyway, I’m posting some of the portraits. My husband gave me permission to use them. The aliens didn’t, but I doubt that will be an issue. As I understand it, they consider blogging passé and so will probably never see their likenesses here.

The first alien pictured–its name is Coy–and the second, Lmao, have already made their debuts at Alien Resort. The others might be introduced later, depending on which ones the CEO chooses to put before the public.

Now. Wasn’t this better than literary criticism?



© David Davis
© David Davis

See what the denizens of Alien Resort say to one another when they think we’re not listening at https://alienresort.net/cartoon-gallery/.


I’m home from my travels, so everything above set in present or future tense has now shifted to past.


Author’s Notes:

1. The resemblance of any of the aliens pictured here to spiders, bugs, dinosaurs, penguins, snakes, a coil of ribbon, a certain mouse, or anything else un-extraterrestrial is purely in the eye of the beholder.

2. I didn’t really scrap-scrap the pieces about Shel Silverstein and cows. I scrapped the plans to post them. I’m not about to scrap more than 2000 words of anything.

3. Speaking of cows, here are a blog and a Facebook page you might like to check out: Every Day I See a Cow (blog) and Every Day I See a Cow (Facebook).


© David Davis
© David Davis

Kathy Waller writes crime fiction and whatever else she has a mind to. She has published stories in Austin Mystery Writers’ anthology MURDER ON WHEELS and at Mysterical-E. She blogs at Telling the Truth, Mainly, and at Austin Mystery Writers, and edits the Sisters in Crime Heart of Texas chapter news blog. At present she is as mad as all get-out because the first thousand words of a story she’s working on disappeared from a certain cloud thingie and doesn’t look like it’s coming back.


Looking Back at 2016

imgp6488By S. J. Brown

Since 2016 is almost over I thought I would reminisce a bit.  For several years I have been sharing my images on Facebook.   I share a new photo each Sunday so there are many photos that my blogging buddies don’t get to see.  So I thought I would include the 10 most popular photos from 2016 on my last blog of the year.

For many of us 2016 was a roller coaster year, with plenty of ups and downs.  The snow in the beginning of the year came up over 3 feet here.  When I was finally able to get my feet down on solid ground Hubby and I headed out for a few photo trips.

This year I collected nearly 900 books for one of the libraries that flooded in Southern West Virginia. I helped plant over 150 trees and spent time with some gardening friends, when I wasn’t out taking pictures.   I tagged 20 monarch Butterflies and flipped dozens of horseshoe crabs.

My sister and I completed a Memoir and are currently working on books 2 & 3 in the series.  Perhaps years from now we will collaborate on Senior Sisters together.  2016 brought us scorching hot temperatures, new adventures and lots of fond memories.  I photographed Tree Frogs, Bald Eagles, bunny rabbits and baby birds.  I trudged through the snow to capture White Tailed deer, and sunk in the mud to zoom in on Water Fowl.

  I am currently working out the details for a few photo trips in 2017.  I will be heading North for one trip, East for another and South for yet another.  While I work out the details I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season. 

I hope 2016 was kind to you.

May 2017 welcome you with open arms and make you smile. 


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Adding Color

This post by Jennifer Flaten

My youngest daughter is an embellisher. Not of the truth mind you, but of everything around her.

She is forever adding paintings and doodles to ordinary objects. For example, she received a jar of handmade sugar scrub at Christmas. After using all the scrub we rinsed out the jar. I was happy to use it as is, my daughter on the other hand felt it needed to be embellished. The next time I saw the jar it was covered with pink polka dots.

Nothing is safe from her attention, even her school issued chromebook is covered with an assortment of pictures and stickers to make it more personalized.

We even bought her a special pair of Keds that are meant to be colored in20140525-DSC_8864, so far she has the toes colored in a glittery teal and two golden flowers.

I love that she is always adding color and individuality to her surroundings. I hope that one day that leads her to become a fabric/textile designer or some other career that lets her express her creativity.

Do you embellish your world?

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This post by Jennifer Flaten

I caved in and bought one of the Adult coloring books (okay, is it just me or does that make it sound like there should be a brown wrapper on it or what).

I’ve always enjoyed coloring. It allows me to be artistic without getting frustrated because I can’t get the images out of my head and onto the paper, my major artistic roadblock.

Coloring was one of the things I loved doing with the kids. Did I want to play hide and seek for the 100th time? No, but I would sit down and color a few pages.

There really is something extremely soothing about moving that crayon back and forth. Now you would think any repetitive action like painting or sweeping (two things that my house desperately needs) would have the same soothing effect on me, but nope. They don’t.

In order to get that great relaxed feeling, it has to be coloring.

Buying the coloring book meant I had to buy new colored pencils….and, because I love office supplies, maybe a new pen (or pens) and some notebooks. You get the idea.

I love sIMG_2969_v2electing the colors for the images and I do love seeing the finished picture. Yes, I am thinking of hanging it on my fridge.

Have you tried the adult coloring books?

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Embracing New Opportunities

Gayle & Mary outsideThis post by Gayle M. Irwin

A new season is upon us. Although spring is usually touted as the season of growth and renewal, autumn is also a season of change. Green leaves become golden and russet, and air temperatures slowly decrease over days, weeks, and months. Just as the summer fades and autumn rises, so, too, do opportunities in our lives: some evaporate while others materialize. Change – it’s a fact of nature and a fact of life.

During the course of this past summer, I was amid a writing frenzy: five articles for Crossroads magazine, an annual product for the Cheyenne, Wyoming Chamber of Commerce; four articles for the monthly Our Town Casper magazine (I’ve been writing 3 to 4 articles a month for that publication for more than three years now, so it’s a regular gig); and numerous articles for the Casper Journal, a weekly newspaper in my community, including six Vietnam veterans stories to be published in both the Journal and the state-wide newspaper the Casper Star Tribune as well as online (some of which hare already published). All this in addition to my “day job” and my life as wife, daughter, friend, pet caregiver, etc. etc. The summer was quite hectic! No wonder my blood pressure elevated!

aspens_with redNow autumn is here and writing has slowed like the sap of maple trees. However, I am still producing: more Vietnam veterans stories, a few articles for WREN magazine (Wyoming Rural Electric News), and an in-depth look at the blight of human trafficking for a story to be published on the website Pregnancy Help News. I’ve written about human trafficking for other, more local publications and was even presented an award last year from the Wyoming Attorney General’s Office for the stories covered and published in the Casper Journal in 2014. It’s an issue I care about; in fact I financially support an organization that fights trafficking in this country and abroad (A-21 Campaign). I am excited to have this latest article go live hopefully next month to help pregnancy centers in America better understand the issue and be educated as to how they can help women caught in the plague of sex trafficking who may seek pregnancy services. “Education is key,” one of my sources stated, and she is correct. Our Casper pregnancy center as well as our local community college participated in a program conducted by the Wyoming Attorney General’s Office; it was an enlightening and solemn training.

Cody Cabin_New Book CoverImageIn addition to the above-mentioned writing opportunities, I’ve finally had more time for my works in progress, including updating my children’s book Cody’s Cabin: Life in a Pine Forest. The story is being serialized in the kids’ section of the Casper Journal, and the new print book is now available to purchase. I’m in the midst of revising another children’s book that I began three years ago, and I hope to later get back into my pet rescue romance this fall as well. Each writing opportunity is something I embrace, and new doors may be opening for even more opportunities in the near future.

As the autumn season dawns, so, too, does the future. Each new day of the season in nature is another new day of life, and with each new day can come new opportunities. What new adventures in life and in your writing career are you embracing this autumn season?


Gayle M. Irwin is writer, author and speaker. She is the author of several inspiring dog books for children and adults, including Sage’s Big Adventure, Walking in Trust: Lessons Learned with My Blind Dog, Cody’s Cabin: Life in a Pine Forest, and two dog devotion books: Devotions for Dog Lovers: Paws-ing for Time with God and Devotions for Dog Lovers 2: Sage Advice. She is also a contributing writer to five editions of Chicken Soup for the Soul. She’s also authored a guidebook for owners of blind dogs, available on Kindle. She has a passion for pets and volunteers for and donates a percentage of her writing revenues to several animal welfare organizations. Her speaking engagements include presentations for children and adults about the lessons people can learn from pets. Visit her website at www.gaylemirwin.com.

SageBigAdventureFront-small     Walking_FrontCover_small     Cody Cabin_New Book CoverImage

Dog Devotion Book_Cover_Final   Dog Devotions 2 Book Cover Sage Advice Cover   Blind Dog Ebook Cover_updatedMay2014

When It Rains… by Erin Farwell

IMG_3021_1Last summer I embarked on a new venture as a freelance writer. It’s had its ups and downs but overall things have gone very well. I want to cut back a bit over the summer both to spend time with the kid and to work on my book. My daughter’s summer break started last week and I am teaching a kids art camp this week so I planned to keep the writing to a minimum. But as we know, making plans is a great way to have something else happen.

Last week, I received the biggest writing project of my career, and it was a doozy both in terms of work and pay. I wrote all weekend, submitted revisions today, but will probably need to do some more work workon it before the final approval. Still, I thought, the majority of the work is handled so it’s okay. Then I received new orders from two clients I haven’t written for yet but would love to get their business. So, I can’t say no to them. Then a current client asked me to write a blog and a press release for two law firms. Since I am their only writer with a law degree, I am there go-to person for this kind of thing and I don’t want to turn them away.

Normally this situation would be fantastic. Except my daughter is out of school and I am teaching a camp from 10:00 to 1:00 every day this week and next week isn’t looking much better. So I am sit at my computer at 7:00 am to get a jump on things and find myself writing a blot at 1:00 am because this is a commitment I normally love but right writingnow has become one more thing on the to-do list.

Still, camp is going well, writing projects are getting completed to the satisfaction of clients, and I my husband has taken over meal planning and prep for the week so it’s all good. I am grateful for the growth both in my writing skills and in my client projects and my “pay check” this week will be my best ever. So many great things are happening. But did it all have to happen this week?

What are your summer plans?

ShadowlandsAHE New Cover8149g0+Rz-L._SL1500_

Striving for a Quiet Time by Cher’ley

This blog by Cher’ley Grogg

Michael E. Debakey, heart surgeon, once observed: “For me, the solitude of early      mFront and Back of Congressional Gold Medal awa...orning is the most precious time of day. There is a quiet serenity that disappears a few hours later with the hustle and bustle of the multitude. Early morning hours symbolize for me a rebirth; the anxieties, frustrations, and woes of the preceding day seem to have been washed away during the night. God has granted another day of life, another chance to do something worthwhile for humanity.”


Lately, it’s been hard for me to find a quiet time. I get so worn out, and we have so much to do. By two PM, I’m totally finished. We just finished a beautiful wedding, with my youngest grandson. Del officiated, and I smiled. LOL. B

Total Knee replacement : Lateral view (Xray).ut we still engaged in counseling times, and planning times, these and other odd and end things joined our medical responsibilities. We both have therapy three times a week, and usually three to four doctor appointments, and now as most of you know, Del has a serious infection in his artificial knee.

Writing or Art is just a dream right now, but I think as I enter March I will have a little free time. I am going to get back to my writing, and I have two new anthologies that I will be editing. “It’s All About the Girls, All About the Girls—No Boys”, and “It’s All About the Dogs, All About the Dogs—No Cats.” If any of you are interested contact me    at cherleygrogg@gmail.com . We don’t have the details worked out, but it will be similar to “Boys Will Be Boys—the joys and terrors of raising boys”. A fun book that readers love.

Boys Will Be Boys   The Joys and Terrors of Raising Boys-An Anthology





Do you remember that old song, “The Lighthouse”?







Brightly beams our Father’s mercy
From His lighthouse ever more,
But to us He gives the keeping
Of the lights along the shore.
Let the lower lights be burning;
Send a gleam across the wave;
Some poor fainting, struggling seaman
You may rescue; you may save.

**Do you have a quiet time? How’s your artistic adventures going?**


Cher’ley’s Books are listed below and on sale at Amazon and local bookstores. And she has a new one that is freshly published with 11 other authors. 


Stamp Out Murder”.
 The Secret in Grandma’s Trunk” This is an especially good book for your Tween Children and Grandchildren
The JourneyBack 3The Journey Back-One Joy at a Time and the B&W Edition of The Journey Back
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When is a song a story?


This post by L.Leander, Author of Fearless Fiction

If you listen to as many songs as I do you’ve probably listened to the stories they tell.  The trick is to tell a story in 3 1/2 minutes or less, although established artists can get away with much longer songs.  Some songs don’t tell a story but contain a line that gives a message.  For instance “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” makes you light up when you hear it but doesn’t tell a story like a book.

I’ve written and copywritten at least five hundred or more songs.  Some I didn’t like but figured I could come back later and work on, and some I’m proud of.  Today I’m sharing with you a song I wrote in Mexico.  I made several trips to Tucson by bus or car so am familiar with the city.  When the words came to mind I set this story song in Tucson.  When I write songs I pick up my guitar, start playing and it’s then the magic happens.  My mind starts with something I’ve seen, heard or read.  The music and words always come together when I compose but many people don’t write that way.  It’s a lot like writing books but in this case it has to be as much of a story as you can tell in a very short time.

Today I’d like to share with you “Painted Angel” a song I’ve sung on stage many times and a favorite of my audiences.  Unfortunately, a year ago, after  my concussion, I got really hoarse and can no longer sing.  I’ve been to doctors and am going in for a scope next week.  It hurts not to sing because it’s always been a passion and I’ve sung since I was very little (with my father).  However, I am lucky to have songs I’ve written, published or not, and I am learning to deal with the loss of my voice.  It’s all up to God.  I’ve used my voice for His glory in church all my  life and if this is something I must bear, so be it.

This time I actually have the song to share with you, but the only recording I can find is pretty  basic, so it’s definitely not professional.  But you’ll get the idea.

I almost always write story songs because I enjoy making the characters and settings tell a tale.  I hope you enjoy it too.



 Ridin’ on the rails of sunshineangela

Nothin’ could hold her down

Packed her bags goodbye mom and dad

Kicked the dust out of that town

Ran out of money in Tucson

Things weren’t ain’t been goin’ too well

Instead of the heaven she was dreamin’ about

She’s been out there goin’ through hell



She’s just one more painted angelKONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA

Underneath a desert sky

If she don’t get home she’ll be

A painted angel ‘til she dies


Writes home to her sister

Says things are happy and brighthomeless girl

Her faded tears between the lines

Erase the hungry sleepless nights

Nothin’ left of her pride

It ain’t worth much these

Sleepin’ in a cardboard shelter

With a bottle of cheap rosé




She dreams about the old timesbride

When at last she closes her eyes

The boy she thought she’d

And the wedding she fantasized

She don’t care about tomorrow

Yesterday’s scattered on the ground

But if she had the bus fareOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

She’d be on the next Greyhound


©Linda Stewart

Here’s the link to the song.  Hope you enjoy it!


All photos courtesy of Morguefiles.com


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Inzared, Queen of the Elephant Riders

INZARED bookcoverkindle







Inzared, The Fortune Teller Video Trailer

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Work from home! Have we got a deal for you!

propic11_1_1This post by L.Leander, Author of Fearless Fiction

Last night I heard a segment on ABC News about working from home. Although I AM working from home I decided to  see what the report had to say. It was actually very interesting and an eye-opener to realize that there are “real” stay-at-home jobs that are not out to take YOUR hard-earned money but actually give you a chance to earn money.

Ok, so I looked at the list and here is what I found.

#1. Watch TV and get paid for doing it! All it requires is a smart phone and a television. Check it out on Viggle.com to see what it’s all about. I had visions of my couch potato husband, who I accuse of watching TV 24/7, latching onto this one and making big bucks. When I approached him he thought I said Wiggle andtv I actually got his attention for once. “Huh?” he said. “I get to watch wiggles on TV and get paid for doing it?” I could see where his mind was going and I explained Viggle to him. “No thanks,” he said, as he pushed back in his recliner to watch his favorite re-run of Law and Order SVU. So strike that one.

papermache#2. Check out Etsy.com to sell your handmade crafts. I actually belong to Etsy and about a thousand other online craft sites but I have never made the thousands of dollars this woman says she makes with paper mache figures. Of course in my case, when we did paper mache in art class, my piece usually turned into The Blob and people ran screaming out of the room. Seriously though, I make jewelry, sew all kinds of things, quilt, do needlework and paint. I just like to mix things up and not work on the same thing all the time. Guess I’ll pass on this one too.

#3. At RyanKrane.com you’ll meet a home-based entrepreneur who uses Skype to get people into fitness training. He told the reporter he charges $150 an hour for a session. Hmmm, do I really want the world to see how I look in last year’s exerciseworkout clothes? I must have washed them once too often because my pants will only pull up to my knees!  How much do I really know about training anyway? Does walking count? I’m a good walker. Hey, I wonder if I could get people to pay me $150 to “pretend walk.” We could SKYPE,  wear our most stylish workout clothes, stand by a window and talk as we walk. Nah, I don’t like walking in place .  With my luck I’d walk right into the window!  I prefer the outdoors anyway.

oldman#4. The last option is Care.com, where you spend maybe four hours a day taking and answering questions via the Internet forbabby the company. This site covers child care, elder care and pet care. My luck would be to get my wires crossed and send an 83-year-old grandma to a Child Care Center with a backpack and tell her to be sure she has crayons and a blanket for nap time. I’d better stay away from that one for sure!doggie

So what are my options? Maybe I should quit searching the Internet for possible “part-time” jobs, put **my nose to the grindstone** and write. If you write all day like I usually do you need a break sometimes and job hunting is something I like to do, although I have no earthly intention of ever returning to the work force. I’ve put my time in and now I’m doing what I love (but I need a kick in the behind once in a while).

I have had a few businesses at home that were profitable. I wove baskets, sewed purses and aprons, used my embroidery machine for custom orders, wrote songs, and my favorite – using yard sales to my advantage. That job meant that every Saturday morning I had to be up and at the first sale by 8:00 am and I usuallyrooster saled until 2-3:00 pm. What I searched for were rare or well-known books signed by the author. (My best day was finding a book on trains that I paid 25 cents for and turned a tidy profit when I sold it on eBay for $50.00). I didn’t know then that train books are very treasured by those who collect trains. I was doing pretty well at about $1,000 a month but I took a job demonstrating Singer Sewing Machines on the Home Shopping Network because I thought I’d rather be a television personality. You can see where that got me!

Click here to see some of my work if you’re interested.

What do you think of working at home? Have you ever done it? What types of things have made you rich and famous? Could you share please?

*** Putting one’s nose to the grindstone is a European Miller’s Guild expression to remind the miller that he must maintain a flow of grain between the millstones, which were traditionally set one above the other. Without any grain between them, the weight of the top stone would strike sparks on the bedstone, and the smell, known as brimstone, was a warning, that if not heeded, would likely result in an explosion that would kill the miller. Thus, to keep your nose to the grindstone means to pay close attention, not to work hard, but diligently, and had nothing to do with sharpening tools on the other type of grindstone.

Courtesy of wiki.answers.com.

Photos Courtesy of FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Photo of Rooster Quilt by L.Leander


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Inzared, Queen of the Elephant Riders

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Inzared, The Fortune Teller Video Trailer

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Icy Feud, Best Dressed, Weirdest Celeb-SEO and Blog links-#4 of Blog Writing by Cher’ley

 This blog by Cher’ley  Grogg

Selena Gomez & Taylor Swift’s Icy feud over Justin Bieber, who is the Best Dressed or what is the Weirdest Celeb Instagram. If you’re dying to know here’s the link to Hollywood Life. Hollywood Life ranks 35 in the top 100 linked to Blogs for this day. It changes daily. 

justin bieber weed smoking

Selena Gomez & the Scene performing Naturally ...

English: Taylor Swift performing at the Cavend...

Selena Gomez & Taylor Swift 

*********************   ***********************    **********************

What difference does SEO make to you? It will help you to promote yourself, no matter if you are a housewife, a reporter, a writer, an artisan, or anyone in between–if you write a blog you want people to read it, and you want people to follow you, and you want people to buy your product–therefore SEO is important to you.

Why link?

1.   It’s a quick way of showing readers what the blog is about.
2. It’s good internet etiquette. Do unto others…
3. It keeps you from having to give definitions. Instead link to the definition.
4. It shows readers you’re connected to others. 
5. It sends traffic to your older posts. Connect to your other posts.
6. You can show that you know what it means to curate content. In other words you can pull your blog together with lots of things like links, pictures, examples.
 7. It shows that you are interesting, because you know where to find the best info.

If you’re not sure how to add links to blog posts, here are a few resources:

 Check out Michelle Rafter’s page



Inbound linking strategy is also important for search engine optimization (SEO) for your site. An inbound link is a hyperlink back to your site from another Web site. Sites with backlinks rank higher in the search engine results pages.

Why are these links to your site important? They can:

  • bring potential customers (readers) to your site when they click on the link
  • boost the number of visitors (followers for you) to this Web site
  • improve your search engine rankings, so that you can attract more people

Here are the 10 most important inbound links you must have to your site according to Donna Gunter. If you use even a few of these it will help you a lot. 

1. Directory Links
2. Press Releases
3. Article Directories
4. Social Bookmarking
5. Blog Comments
6. Social Media
7. Blog/Podcast Syndication
8. Video Syndication
9. EDU and .GOV Links
10. Internal Links

If you have more than one Web site, or a Web site and a blog, be sure and link one to the other. You can do this by linking one article to other related articles, or link to categories or archives of information. Linking can be beautiful.

***************                                                                    *******************

***How do you promote SEO to your blog? Do you use a lot of link?*** 

Cher’ley’s Books are listed below and on sale at Amazon and local bookstores.

Stamp Out Murder”.

The Secret in Grandma’s Trunk” This is an especially good book for your Tween Children and Grandchildren.

The Journey Back-One Joy at a Time   and the B&W Edition of The Journey BackThe JourneyBack 3

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