Monarchs, Milkweed, and Me

By S. J. Brown Saturday morning I will be hosting a group of fellow gardeners on our back deck. We will be talking about Monarch Butterflies.  I began tagging Monarchs three or four year ago and have learned a lot about them since.  So I will be sharing some of my wisdom along with some … Continue reading Monarchs, Milkweed, and Me


Something New

By S. J. Brown Over the last several years I have branched out, trying new things.  I know what you are thinking, now what is she up to?  I have joined a group of people who plant trees along creeks and streams to help filter water runoff and give cover and sometimes food for wildlife.  … Continue reading Something New


by Stephen Buehler On a typical day I sit down to write. Well, I intend to write but I don’t. I ask myself, why not? Ahhhh. It’s because of the creative hump. Something we all experience. For me the creative hump is fear of the unknown. Fear of not being able to write the next … Continue reading THAT DARN PESKY CREATIVE HUMP

Summers Over

By S. J. Brown Many people mourn the passing of summer, not me. During the hot days of summer I photograph very little. The critters hide deep in the woods to find shelter from the heat. Those that are accessible are not in the mood to pose for me. Of course there are some exceptions … Continue reading Summers Over

Conference By S. J. Brown

  This Post by SJ Brown Writers are generally solitary people. We spend endless hours at our computers, pace across the room and read out load to ourselves. However there are a few occasions when we all join together. Writers Conferences are one of those occasions. Every writer should take the time to attend at … Continue reading Conference By S. J. Brown

Warning Signs by SJ

By S. J. Brown Warning signs are present in all our lives. Mothers warn their children all the time “I'm warning you”. When you see a dark black sky that is a warning sign that a storm is moving in. When I am traveling there are warning signs everywhere. A no left turn sign warns … Continue reading Warning Signs by SJ

New Electronic Toys Make Me Squeal by Cher’ley

This Blog by Cher'ley Grogg They are not squeals of delight. They are squeals of frustration. I LOVE IT!!! And I HATE IT!!! As Monk always says: They are a gift and a curse.   Started out I bought Del, my husband a tablet. He was on the road, driving our truck and giving me … Continue reading New Electronic Toys Make Me Squeal by Cher’ley

To Promote or To Not Promote-That is the Question by Cher’ley

This Blog by Cher'ley Grogg A few more tips about promoting. The Business of Being an Author Even if you're an accomplished writer, it takes more than a few hundred brilliant manuscript pages to become a successful book author. From writing an attention-getting query letter or book proposal, to understanding the clauses of a book … Continue reading To Promote or To Not Promote-That is the Question by Cher’ley

Squirrel Stew Anyone?

This post by L.Leander, Author of Fearless Fiction They say write what you know. I agree with that in some ways but I always believe it’s necessary to stretch your wings and try things that are new. In my second book of the Inzared series, Inzared The Fortune Teller, life was very different from today. My … Continue reading Squirrel Stew Anyone?

Book or Movie

This post by Jennifer Flaten We are a family of readers. We all have our favorite genres, but every once in a while a few of us, or all of us, read the same book. Between the five of us, I think we’ve read the Harry Potter series about ten times. My son and I … Continue reading Book or Movie