Getting Out of Bed by Stevie Turner

Writing Wranglers and Warriors welcomes a new blogger, Stevie Turner Posted by Stevie Turner For all of you living with stroppy teenagers, I thought I’d tell you of the time back in 1995 when my then 13 year old son Leon was at his worst… Leon never wanted to get out of bed in the … Continue reading Getting Out of Bed by Stevie Turner


All I Want for Christmas

This post is by M. K. Waller. I heard them talking. Daddy said, She wants a pogo stick. Mama said, She has enough presents. Santa brought a pogo stick. Daddy smiled. Sturdy. We went outside. Mama frowned. Don't fall. She's fine. Daddy lifted me on. I bounced. The pogo stick didn't. Daddy frowned. Spring's tight. You're not heavy enough. Daddy tried. … Continue reading All I Want for Christmas

First Job

This post by Jennifer Flaten My daughter officially started her first part-time job. She is working for a local restaurant. She is super excited to be making money, plus she is the first of the twins to get a job, which gives her bragging rights. Her excitement about her new job has me thinking about … Continue reading First Job


This post by Jennifer Flaten I love school supply time. Okay, so I don’t love having to purchase an entire warehouse full of supplies, but I do love the idea of all those fresh new notebooks, pencils and yes, even tubes of glue. There is so much promise in all those lovely blank notebooks. They … Continue reading Supplies


This post by L.Leander, Author of Fearless Fiction Last weekend we had my husband’s son and family at the lake for the weekend. Altogether there were eleven of us. Lucky for us, we have the best couple that camp next to us and they offered their camper to the kids so they wouldn’t have to … Continue reading DIY CAMPFIRE COOKING

Mom I’m Bored

This post by Jennifer Flaten My son is taking an Avid class this summer. Today they had a lively discussion about whether or not it is good to be bored. I asked him what position he took in the debate, and he said he took the position that it isn’t good to be bored. My … Continue reading Mom I’m Bored

School Sounds Good

This post by Jennifer Flaten Normally we have the kids enrolled in a summer school program. It helps keep them active and it gives me a little break from them during the long days of summer. This year the girls are taking a 6 week credit gym class. This means they can get their gym … Continue reading School Sounds Good

The Fresh Breath of Spring

This post by L.Leander, Author of Fearless Fiction It’s time for planting and all around us are farms with tractors making rows and planting seeds. The smell of the fresh dirt never ceases to make me feel good – a deep earthy scent that you know will soon yield crops. We have many Amish farms … Continue reading The Fresh Breath of Spring

It’s a Classic

This post by Jennifer Flaten How do you feel about “Classic Literature”? Is is something that you seek out or is it something that you vaguely remember reading for your school work and after slogging through ‘Moby Dick’ it is something you’ve vowed never to read again? Personally, I had to read a lot of … Continue reading It’s a Classic

Culture’em early!

This post is by Nancy Jardine. Our local schools have recently had their 2 week spring holiday. When I was teaching, those two weeks were avidly awaited - they were an opportunity to recharge my batteries and snatch a short break in cultural venues steeped in history like Vienna, Barcelona, or Mediterranean islands like Malta … Continue reading Culture’em early!