History’s Value

post (c) Doris McCraw I had the privilege to attend the 14th annual Pikes Peak Library District's History Symposium.  The topic this year was "Enduring Legacies and Forgotten Landmarks, the Built Environment of the Pikes Peak Region".  You can view a portion of it on face book here: https://www.facebook.com/PikesPeakLibraryDistrict As I sat and listened, along with … Continue reading History’s Value


Early Days On The West Side of Pikes Peak

Post (c) Doris McCraw With the release of the latest Pikes Peak Library Districts History Symposium book, "Disasters of the Pikes Peak Region", I thought I'd share a bit from my chapter, ' The Cripple Creek Volcano: a thirty-five million year disaster'. Early Days in the Region: Some of the earliest people in the region … Continue reading Early Days On The West Side of Pikes Peak

Colorado Day

Post by Doris McCraw August 1 is Colorado Day. For many years the state of Colorado celebrated big on this day, but over the years many have forgotten what the celebration stands for, not that they don't celebrate. To let you in on the reason, it was on this day in 1876 that Colorado became the … Continue reading Colorado Day

Is It Worth Saving?

Post copyright by Doris McCraw For those who wonder, the program went well in Victor on March 19. Great audience and I was gifted with the pleasure of meeting the grand daughter of Dr. Kate Yont, who may have practiced in Victor, Colorado prior to 1900. She had someone drive her from a little over … Continue reading Is It Worth Saving?


Post copyright by Doris McCraw/Angela Raines The weather has been a bit crazy for some folks this year, either we're colder/hotter or dryer/wetter than usual. Of course we can always fall back on the topic of the weather, but today is something special. Why special, because every day is special if you make it. I've … Continue reading A LITTLE JOURNEY


Post copyright 2015 by Doris McCraw I confess, but then you already know, I love research. If something catches my eye or ear, I want to follow up, know all I can. This, I believe keeps me young and involved with life. (I must be doing something correct. I met an acquaintance who hadn't seen … Continue reading IMMERSION RESEARCH


Post copyright by Doris McCraw We all encounter the unexpected. Usually it is fun, sometimes irritating and occasionally an interesting blessing. This post is about the third, and interesting blessing, I think. Doctor Josephine Dunlop, born December 3, 1875 in Colorado. Died September 15, 1970 at the age of 94 in Austin, Texas. She was … Continue reading ENTER – THE UNEXPECTED

Early Colorado Christmas Part 2

Post written and copyright Doris McCraw             This is a second of two post on early Colorado Christmas. If you would like to read part one here is the link  http://renawomyn.blogspot.com. A unique feature of Colorado is the difference in weather from the high plains/desert and the mountains. Weather on … Continue reading Early Colorado Christmas Part 2

Who Was the First?

            This post written and copyrighted by Doris McCraw We can document Julia E. Holmes, Harriet A. Leonard and Mary Helen Barker Bates in Colorado in 1878. These were early doctors, but there is one who precedes them all. The first documented woman physician, to the best of my knowledge, … Continue reading Who Was the First?