Picking Favorites

By S. J. Brown We all have favorite things, that special gift from long ago, or a place with fond memories. Sometimes our favorite is a sentence that just glides off the tongue and completes a thought. After every photo trip Jay asks me what my favorite part of the trip was. Generally it is … Continue reading Picking Favorites



This post (c) Doris McCraw All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them. Walt Disney It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are. e. e. cummings Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear, not absence of fear. Mark Twain Faced with what is right, … Continue reading Courage


Post (c) by Doris McCraw For something different this post is sharing my love of Fall and Colorado Gold. Enjoy the trip   And finally, Until next time, enjoy the fall weather, keep up the writing and continued inspiration to all as you travel this creative journey. Angela Raines is the pen name for Doris … Continue reading COLORADO GOLD

Colorado Day

Post by Doris McCraw August 1 is Colorado Day. For many years the state of Colorado celebrated big on this day, but over the years many have forgotten what the celebration┬ástands for, not that they don't celebrate. To let you in on the reason, it was on this day in 1876 that Colorado became the … Continue reading Colorado Day

Delightful Details

Post copyright Doris McCraw As I work to complete my short story for a Medieval Anthology, along with a Western one and a proposal for next years History Symposium, I am having fun with those delightful details. In the midst of preparing this post, the link for a music video came through. Talk about details. … Continue reading Delightful Details

The Electric Physician by Doris

        Post copyright 2015 by Doris McCraw     I have spoken of Dr. Harriet Leonard in post before, but felt she deserved to have folks know more about her. Born in New York in 1829 and died in Colorado in 1907 at the age of 79 (?). She was married to … Continue reading The Electric Physician by Doris

Will I Be Renewed or Discouraged?

As I write this I am anticipating what this trip will bring. Gayle Irwin and I are in a motel, just 41 miles from our destination of YMCA of the Rockies near Estes Park, Colorado. We are attending a three day writing conference. I have attended about five times before, but not for about six … Continue reading Will I Be Renewed or Discouraged?


Post copyright 2015 by Doris McCraw I confess, but then you already know, I love research. If something catches my eye or ear, I want to follow up, know all I can. This, I believe keeps me young and involved with life. (I must be doing something correct. I met an acquaintance who hadn't seen … Continue reading IMMERSION RESEARCH

Elevation Education by Doris

Post copyright Doris McCraw Ever Envision Entertaining the thought of writing about E? There are a lot of avenues of possibilities. For myself after entertaining the idea of Electricity- Tesla V Edison, I realized I lived at 6,000+ feet above sea level and traveled to 8,000 and 10,000 regularly. What is common place for me … Continue reading Elevation Education by Doris


Post copyright by Doris McCraw We all encounter the unexpected. Usually it is fun, sometimes irritating and occasionally an interesting blessing. This post is about the third, and interesting blessing, I think. Doctor Josephine Dunlop, born December 3, 1875 in Colorado. Died September 15, 1970 at the age of 94 in Austin, Texas. She was … Continue reading ENTER – THE UNEXPECTED