A Plantain is Not the Same Thing as a Banana: Merging Family Menus

by N. M. Cedeno My husband got lucky in food when he married me. He didn’t have to adapt to a foreign flavor palette the way I did. When people create a new joint household, whether they like it or not, the foods they eat regularly will change depending on each family member’s culinary history. … Continue reading A Plantain is Not the Same Thing as a Banana: Merging Family Menus


Inspiration, Desperation, Suspiration, Broccoli…

Posted by M. K. Waller Want to know how I think up topics for blog posts? Of course you do. I use several techniques: A topic comes to me about 9:00 p.m. and I write fast and then stay up all night fixing it (and hoping readers can tell it's been fixed), finding pictures, and … Continue reading Inspiration, Desperation, Suspiration, Broccoli…

Rice Pudding: A Story of Disaster

Posted by M. K. Waller *************   “Ever had one of those days that no matter how hard you try, you screw up everything you do?” My niece posted that on Facebook tonight. Yes, I have. The Day of the Rice Pudding Fiasco. One day back in the Ice Age, my high school faculty scheduled … Continue reading Rice Pudding: A Story of Disaster

Hey Good Lookin’, Whatcha Got Cookin’ by Cher’ley

   This Blog  by Cher'ley Grogg Food is an important part of our lives and we all have favorite recipes we have been raised with. There were 5 kids and two adults in our family and often we children would bring in visitors and Mom would always say, “Stay to eat. We’ll throw another potato in … Continue reading Hey Good Lookin’, Whatcha Got Cookin’ by Cher’ley

Recipe for Fun

This post by Jennifer Flaten I have a condition (completely made up) that prevents me from reading a  recipe from start to finish. I don't know why, but I'll start reading the ingredient list, and if it is more than 7 items long I start to skim the rest of the ingredients. And, you have … Continue reading Recipe for Fun

We’re having pancakes

This post by Jennifer Flaten Early Sunday morning I awoke to the sound of rustling. The noise was coming from the kitchen. As comfortable as I was I decided I better get in there and see what was going on. It turns out that our oldest daughter decided she felt like making everyone pancakes. Now, … Continue reading We’re having pancakes

Food for Thought

This post by Jennifer Flaten   What is your go to meal when you just can think of anything to cook/eat? For me it is cereal. Really. Sometimes, nothing appeals to me but a big bowl of cereal. It doesn’t matter what type of cereal it is, as long as it's in the cabinet I’ll … Continue reading Food for Thought

Rarin’ to go

  This post by Jennifer Flaten   Another food based holiday has passed and I managed not to poison anyone. I am, I think, a competent cook, but there is just something about the holidays; or more specifically cooking for a large (and by large I mean anything over 5 people) crowd that throws me … Continue reading Rarin’ to go

Cupcake Catastrophe

This post by Jennifer Flaten While we were at the grocery store, my daughter asked if she could make cupcakes to take to her drama class. I said it was okay and she ran off to find a box mix. Later when it came time to make the cupcakes I found her pouring over a … Continue reading Cupcake Catastrophe

Dinner’s on Me

This post by Jennifer Flaten   Twin number two decided she wanted to make dinner for us on Monday. She likes to cook, but I think her motivation was more sibling rivalry in nature.   Her sister took a travel & restaurant this past semester and one of the final projects was a recipe for … Continue reading Dinner’s on Me