Getting Out of Bed by Stevie Turner

Writing Wranglers and Warriors welcomes a new blogger, Stevie Turner Posted by Stevie Turner For all of you living with stroppy teenagers, I thought I’d tell you of the time back in 1995 when my then 13 year old son Leon was at his worst… Leon never wanted to get out of bed in the … Continue reading Getting Out of Bed by Stevie Turner


A Scrap of Plaid

Posted by Kathy Waller # # # Fellow Writer and Wrangler Nancy Jardine recently shared a picture of a beautiful plaid dress that reminded me of an old remnant of fabric saved from my childhood. I retrieved it, wrinkled but intact, from my mother's cedar chest. The fall I turned eleven, my grandfather--my father's father, whom we called … Continue reading A Scrap of Plaid

“Use the right word…”: Mark Twain’s Mother

by Kathy Waller I wrote the following for my personal blog nearly a year ago. Rereading it today, I decided it's worth sharing again--not for my words, but for those of Jane Clemens. She must have been an exceptional woman, and she reared and exceptional son. ***** Mark Twain chose his words carefully: Pa’s boot with … Continue reading “Use the right word…”: Mark Twain’s Mother

Halloween Memories

This post is by Jennifer Flaten It was a beautiful Saturday before Halloween and we were visiting my mom. We had a fun-filled afternoon planned, but first there was a little surprise in store for the kids. Now, they were little, only about 6 and 4 years old and very excited to tell Grandma all … Continue reading Halloween Memories