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I Started Writing…

Today Writing Wranglers and Warriors welcomes a new blogger, novelist and consultant Keri De Deo.    Posted by Keri De Deo I started writing Nothing but a Song at the age of 14. I played violin and sang in the … Continue reading

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My Life: Humdrum but Useful

 This post is by M. K. Waller Where do writers get their ideas? More to the point, where do I get my ideas? When I blog, most of them are drawn from my life–things I’ve done, seen, heard, read about, … Continue reading

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Dream Closet (Fiction) by Abbie Johnson Taylor

Author Abbie Johnson Taylor Monique let herself into David’s apartment with the key she still had, although they broke up the week before. She patted her stomach, as a wave of doubt hit her. Yes, she was doing the right … Continue reading

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Equal Pay, Equal Lines

     by Travis Richardson   Happy Equal Pay Day! Today is equal pay day in America. That means that from April 12 going forward, women will make the same amount as men for the rest of the year. The previous … Continue reading

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Post copyright 2015 by Doris McCraw I think two-year olds are on to something. Why? Why! Why.  Why is why so important? For someone like me, when I ask the why I am able to focus on the stories. I … Continue reading

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L is for Laughter

Why is humor an important tool for writers of every genre? Read my post to find out. Continue reading

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Down Memory Lane

This post by L.Leander, Author of Fearless Fiction I don’t outline my books. I guess you’d call me a spontaneous writer. But I do write out a few notes for reference. The following is how I would write the notes … Continue reading

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Which Would You Choose?

This post by Craig Snider Have you ever read a book or watched a movie where the character must make a decision in a difficult situation, and when you thought about it, you had trouble trying to decide what you … Continue reading

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From Words to Worlds

This post by Stephanie Stamm. We people like to make things. We are creators. We build things. We make art. To make art, we need materials, media. We shape sculptures from metal, wood, ceramics, and other materials. We create pictures … Continue reading

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A folly or not?

This post is by Nancy Jardine In April 2011, I was holidaying in Spain but was also doing the edits for my first ever published novel. It wasn’t all work, though, since I visited some fantastic locations in that hot … Continue reading

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