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A Summer Mountain Poem

This post is by Abbie Johnson Taylor.     Now that the hot, dog days of summer are here, you may be planning a trip to the mountains. If you live in California’s Sierra Nevada region, according to an NPR … Continue reading

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Monarchs, Milkweed, and Me

By S. J. Brown Saturday morning I will be hosting a group of fellow gardeners on our back deck. We will be talking about Monarch Butterflies.  I began tagging Monarchs three or four year ago and have learned a lot … Continue reading

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A Walk in the Garden

This post by Jennifer Flaten Nothing makes me happier than strolling through a neatly tended garden. One of my favorite places to go in Madison is the Olbrich Gardens. It is acres and acres of artfully arranged, perfectly weeded and … Continue reading

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Dandy Dandelions

This post by Jennifer Flaten I can tell it’s spring by the plethora of dandelions in my yard. I know some people say that snowdrops are the first flowers of spring, but I believe it is dandelions, or at least … Continue reading

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This post by Jennifer Flaten Mother Nature is teasing us. On Monday we had a high of 71 degrees here. 71! In March. Needless, to say we broke a bunch of weather records and a lot of hearts are going … Continue reading

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Morning Glories and Moon Flowers

he moon flowers appeared first, their large white blooms opening in the late afternoon and shining like pale orbs throughout the night. The morning glories showed up a few days later, their happy blue, purple, and pink faces greeting the new day at the same time the moon flowers closed. They both bloom each day and I love this combination of morning and nighttime flowers. Continue reading

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My View

This post by Jennifer Flaten I love doing dishes, okay, maybe love is an understatement. I don’t mind them though, because I have a window over the sink that overlooks my back yard. This is a big deal for me. … Continue reading

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Plannig More by SJ

 This Post by S. J. Brown The brutal cold we are experiencing this winter has turned out to be perfect for taking time to plan. This year I plan to do a bit more. Like most people I am longing … Continue reading

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Oh my! Those awful wee beasties

This post is by Nancy Jardine You might be forgiven for thinking my title is a Scottish profanity- it’s almost but not quite. I could share some colourful Scottish oaths with you today – but don’t worry, I won’t! It’s … Continue reading

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Is it Spring Yet?

This post by Jennifer Flaten   Great, all the Christmas decorations are all tucked away, well almost, I am sure I will find a stray Santa somewhere in the house in the next couple of weeks, the new year is … Continue reading

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