Let’s Talk by Abbie Johnson Taylor

Here are twenty-five fun questions I picked up from blogger Amaan Khan. I triple dog dare you to answer these, either on your own blog or in the comments field. My answers are below. *** Q1: Do you have any pets? A: No, although I like cats and dogs, after being my late husband Bill's … Continue reading Let’s Talk by Abbie Johnson Taylor


Weel, Wha’d a ken’tit?

This post is by Nancy Jardine. Weel, Wha’d a ken'tit? - Well, who would have known that? I'm always touting my Scottish heritage and today is yet another of those days! Hallowe'en is over. Done and dusted, costumes stored away for another time...and anyway, I've done Scottish Halloween blog posts before, so here are a … Continue reading Weel, Wha’d a ken’tit?