Halloween 1870s Style

Post by Doris McCraw First, I'll get my new story/promotion out of the way. I have a story in the anthology "One Yuletide Knight" that is now up for pre-order and will be available as an ebook on November 2, 2017 with the print version available shortly after. You can purchase it at: One Yuletide Knight … Continue reading Halloween 1870s Style


Dressing Up Doggie – Halloween Costumes and Our Furry Friends

This post by Gayle M. Irwin Here’s a blog post similar to one I wrote for my own site last week. I hope you all enjoy it. Today’s the day (or night) that goblins and zombies take to the streets. It’s the spookiest of holidays, and during this season, Americans love to spend money on … Continue reading Dressing Up Doggie – Halloween Costumes and Our Furry Friends

#Halloween, witches… and the wise?

This blog is by Nancy Jardine. Being an author of Celtic/ Roman historical adventures, I've tended to write about the Celtic festival of Samhain (what became the Eve of all Hallows Christian festival)  at this time of year... but here's something just a wee but different. Hallowe'en stories of witches have been told around the … Continue reading #Halloween, witches… and the wise?

The Maven

      Posted by Kathy Waller   Once upon a time, a few days before Halloween, my friend ME called and said, “There are thirteen men under my house. They’re leveling it. For the second time in five years.” She then invited David and me to go with her and her husband to see the … Continue reading The Maven

The Spirit of Halloweens Past

This post is by Joe Stephens I got home last night in plenty of time for trick-or-treating. Sadly, it was because my school's volleyball team, which played amazingly considering they were playing through a tragedy (The head coach lost his son suddenly. The team took a double hit because one of their starters is the … Continue reading The Spirit of Halloweens Past

Spirits, Angels and Halloween

Post by Doris McCraw This may be a short post. Why? Well, it's been a challenging year. Bad in many ways and wonderful in others. Sounds like regular life, doesn't it? Most know I had in excess of $40,000 dollars worth of damage to my home in June. So far, thanks to gofundme I have … Continue reading Spirits, Angels and Halloween

Happy Halloween – Then and Now by Erin Farwell

As a kid, I loved all things spooky so Halloween was a favorite holiday. I grew up on a farm in Michigan so by necessity, our costumes had to look good over or under something very warm or incorporate a coat into the overall design. This led to some pretty creative costumes. We didn’t have … Continue reading Happy Halloween – Then and Now by Erin Farwell

Autumn Delights

This post by L.Leander, Author of Fearless Fiction I’ve always loved October. In our part of the world it’s when the trees put on their finest and each vies with the other to be the most outstanding. The result is a scene that is breathtaking, as with the naked eye you drink in the brilliant … Continue reading Autumn Delights

Saint or Soul-Today’s your Day by Cher’ley

This blog by Cher'ley Grogg I did a lot of research on Halloween and I’m still not sure about it all. When I grew up, it was neither religious, nor non-religious. It was just a time when we got together as a family and had fun with our neighbors. From the beginning of October on we started … Continue reading Saint or Soul-Today’s your Day by Cher’ley

Lessons from Pumpkin Carving by ErinFarwell

I love fall, the colored leaves, the crisp air, and fresh apples. My husband and I married in November, on the same date that his parents and grandparents were married. Also, being a lover of all things spooky, I can't wait for Halloween. On Friday Willow and I purchased our pumpkins. She was exceptionally pleased … Continue reading Lessons from Pumpkin Carving by ErinFarwell