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An eyelash, a blade of grass, Tinkerbelle, Jack, and an embryo all have something in common they are small but important. I lived in Texas for quite a while and in Texas the bigger the better. Everything is bigger in Texas, or so I’ve heard. I have come to realize that on this earth, the most fascinating things, are small.Eyelash

I haven’t seen the movie Jack the Giant Killer on the big screen, but I read the book to my children when they were little, and I’m sure it was read to me when I was a tiny young’un. Jack, the small lad, climbs the beanstalk, kills the giant and gets the goose that lays the golden egg, and he and his mother live happily ever after. From the advertisements, I don’t believe that’s exactly what happens in the movie. But in the book that’s what happens, they live happily ever after and I like to think of life is being happily ever after too. However, I’m a realist, and I know this is not true, but I look for the little things in life that make me happy. Look for the little things that lift your spirits.

Jack the Giant Killer

How amazing is it to walk through the woods and spot those little teeny yellow flowers or those tiny blue flowers that grow wild and they are scattered everywhere for our enjoyment? If there’s a grassy patch, there are little flowers. The tiny buds on trees and bushes that burst forth in the spring are awesome.

The small pleasures of life give us some of the happiest most contented moments that anyone can experiences. Just think about the wonder of viewing a kitten, a puppy or a newborn baby.

One of my pleasures in life is my painting. Here is one of my paintings.

Mag Blossoms Painting

While under my instructor, during the time when I was developing my fine art, we’d examine paintings by great artists and Lee would tell me to watch for the details. He said to put in the little details. Watercolor is a looser form of painting, but still it has detail. Just like writing, I’d go back and add a little more color in one area and a little more water in another. I’d smudge it and move the paint around, constantly adding more detail. In writing, I’m painting a picture with words. Details bring the writing picture to life.

For instance, a little baby is soft to the touch. You smell the freshness of her hair. You look at the tiny creases in her arms and legs. and you marvel at her tiny feet. Her perfect eyelashes brush her cheek as she sleeps. Little sucking noises come from her rosy little mouth. There is nothing that beats the feeling when she curls that little hand around your finger, and you kiss her on the top of her head.

Here’s a list of 10 things that make a difference in my life: 

  1. The moment after the rain stops. Everything smells clean, fresh, and revitalized.
  2. A deep stretch. The benefits of loosening your muscles exceed enhanced relaxation. Check out Nursing Degree’s 77 Surprising Health Benefits of Yoga for a little food for thought.
  3. A beautiful sunset or sunrise. Nothing is more inspirational that tuning into nature’s majesty.
  4. Playing a game you loved as a child. Pull out Candyland and tap into the simplicity of childhood.
  5. An extra half-hour of sleep. Hit the sack a little earlier one night and see how this changes your day.
  6. A spa-like shower experience. Remember that commercial reference I made before? You too can get way too excited washing your hair with Herbal Essences shampoo.
  7. A thoughtful question from a friend. When she asks, “What’s your favorite childhood memory?” she’s trying to learn what makes you happy. How beautiful that she cares to know.
  8. A long phone conversation, like you used to have in junior high. Curl up with your cell, call a dear friend, and start reminiscing.
  9. 10 minutes with an animal. Petting an animal is actually quite meditative. If you don’t have a pet, head to your local dog park and make a new furry friend.
  10. Finding money you didn’t know you had. Leave a ten in your coat pocket and then forget about it. In the future you will be pretty psyched.

In my book “Stamp Out Murder”, James and Carolyn walk through a wooded area, to get to the Cheat River behind McKeel’s Bed and Breakfast. They touched trees, were careful not to slide down the hill, and took photos standing beside big trees. Carolyn taught James to skip a rock across the water, and they splashed and played in the shallow river like small children. A story poem by me. 

***What small something has touched your life? What unexpected noun gave pleasure to you?***

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