Relishing Summer

This blog post by Gayle M. Irwin   During summer it's easy to “relish” – watermelon, apples, ice cream, ice tea, the occasional strawberry daiquiri or margarita (or both!): all quench a parched throat, dry from summer' warmth. But, there are other things to “relish” as well these days: the season itself with respite from … Continue reading Relishing Summer


Cookin’ the Books

This post by Jennifer Flaten As much as I like a good mystery (of fiction, or suspense), sometimes there is nothing I want to do more than curl up with a cookbook, or brand new cooking magazine. To me there is nothing more relaxing then paging through a cookbook. Baking, one-dish wonders, Betty Crocker or … Continue reading Cookin’ the Books

How Do You Pick a Book?

This post by Jennifer Flaten Spring is here! Finally. Today, for the first time, in what seems like forever, the sun is shining and it is going to be warm(ish) and the best part…no rain in the forecast. We’ve had rain in the forecast every day for about three weeks. While all the rain prevented … Continue reading How Do You Pick a Book?

Library Cards

This post by Jennifer Flaten I just learned an amazing fact from my public library (via Facebook, but that still counts right?) until around 1896 children were considered a nuisance in public libraries and were often not allowed in the library until they were at least 14.     Anne Carroll Moore organized and ran … Continue reading Library Cards