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Giving Care with Love

I’m Abbie Johnson Taylor, and I wrote this post.   Last week, I heard, on NPR, one of many reports about the sentencing hearing for the U.S. Army sergeant who went AWOL in the Middle East and was captured by … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving – in July

This post by Gayle M. Irwin No, it’s not November, which is when American Thanksgiving is celebrated (however, the holiday is only about four months away!). I’ve been reflecting lately on blessings, on reasons to be thankful. In a world … Continue reading

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Post (c) Doris McCraw What is success? Seeing-Underneath-Conceited-Concepts-Expressing-Self-Sincerely? Many times we have achieved success, but because we are looking at societies view of what is successful, we miss the joy of what we have. This thought came up again this … Continue reading

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Bill’s Birthday

This Post by Abbie Johnson Taylor Bill would have been seventy-four years old today. I wrote the following poem four years ago on his birthday while he was in the nursing home almost two weeks before he passed. It appears … Continue reading

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Summer Strawberries by Abbie Johnson Taylor

Author Abbie Johnson Taylor I love to eat them year round, not just during the hottest months. When my late husband Bill was alive, he would buy them fresh, rinse them in cold water, remove stems, slice into bite-sized pieces … Continue reading

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Lessons Learned From NOLA

As you all know, I got back relatively recently from a visit to New Orleans. I won’t bore you with more details on that trip, but I do want to share some lessons of which I was reminded as a result … Continue reading

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A Caregiver’s Last Day by Abbie Johnson Taylor

There comes a time while caring for a loved one when you must make the difficult decision to move him to a nursing home. In September of 2012, Bill was getting weaker, making it difficult for me to transfer him … Continue reading

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Many Ways to Give Thanks

This post by L.Leander, Author of Fearless Fiction  Thank you for the world so sweet Thank you for the food we eat Thank you for the birds that sing Thank you God for everything.             … Continue reading

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Eight Things I Learned from LES MISERABLES (Lessons 5-8)

As you may know, I started this two-part post a couple of days ago with the first four lessons I learned from Victor Hugo’s powerful Les Miserables. Well, today, I’m finishing up with lessons 5-8. 5. Ask more questions and … Continue reading

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Eight Lessons I Learned from LES MISERABLES (Lessons 1-4)

by Joe Stephens Because of some schedule issues with folks in our group, I volunteered to take an extra shift, so to speak, and therefore have two entries in three days. So I decided to do a two-parter. As the … Continue reading

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