One Page

By S. J. Brown Recently I was reviewing some guidelines from a publisher. They wanted the usual information like my name, contact information, the name of the book I was proposing and the word count. Then I saw it the next requirement was an impossible task, a one page synopsis. I needed to share all … Continue reading One Page


Four-Sentence Book Review: A Broom of One’s Own

    Posted by Kathy Waller A while back, I accepted a challenge to write a book review of  Nancy Peacock's memoir A Broom of One's Own in only four sentences. Starting well before the due date, I wrote the first sentence of the review over and over and deleted it over and over. Sometimes I wrote the … Continue reading Four-Sentence Book Review: A Broom of One’s Own

The Best Birthday Ever

This post by L.Leander What does your birthday mean to you? Is it a special day or just a normal day? Do you like lots of presents, cards and cake or do you prefer to keep it low-key? Each of us has our own way of wanting to celebrate our special day and I’m going … Continue reading The Best Birthday Ever

Do You Know Your Heritage?

This post by L.Leander, Author of Fearless Fiction Sherry Hartzler did a wonderful post yesterday on listening to your ancestors talk about their lives. She said that hearing the words rather than reading them after people are dead and gone gives you a different perspective on family and heritage. I agree and would like to … Continue reading Do You Know Your Heritage?