Picking Favorites

By S. J. Brown We all have favorite things, that special gift from long ago, or a place with fond memories. Sometimes our favorite is a sentence that just glides off the tongue and completes a thought. After every photo trip Jay asks me what my favorite part of the trip was. Generally it is … Continue reading Picking Favorites


On the Road Again

The car was fully loaded, leaving just enough room for Jay and me.  The back seat held a small cooler for drinks, 2 camera bags, 2 duffle bags, and a bag of snacks.  In the trunk was a large cooler with food for the next few days, linens, hiking boots, a tote loaded with plate’s … Continue reading On the Road Again

Autumn Delights

This post by L.Leander, Author of Fearless Fiction I’ve always loved October. In our part of the world it’s when the trees put on their finest and each vies with the other to be the most outstanding. The result is a scene that is breathtaking, as with the naked eye you drink in the brilliant … Continue reading Autumn Delights

Pumpkin Time

Kate Wyland . I’ve always loved the Fall. Well, almost always. When I was a kid back in Michigan, I got horrendous hay fever just about the time school started. I didn’t like that. But once the allergies went away I was in seventh heaven. Loved the glorious leaves, bonfires, cooler weather (really don’t like … Continue reading Pumpkin Time

Photographs and Memories

I was an awkward kid with buckteeth and a lisp, sandwiched between a pretty older sister with a wonderful singing voice and a younger, cute-as-a-button sister who could play any instrument she picked up. Our brother, the youngest, was and is a wonderful person, but as a child it was my sisters to whom I … Continue reading Photographs and Memories

Life with Tractors

This post by L.Leander, Author of Fearless Fiction The year I turned thirteen we moved to a farm. Granted, it was only a hobby farm, but it was forty acres with a stream that meandered through graceful hardwoods where wildflowers bloomed in the spring and the autumn leaves were breathtaking in the fall. The property … Continue reading Life with Tractors

Do You Know Your Heritage?

This post by L.Leander, Author of Fearless Fiction Sherry Hartzler did a wonderful post yesterday on listening to your ancestors talk about their lives. She said that hearing the words rather than reading them after people are dead and gone gives you a different perspective on family and heritage. I agree and would like to … Continue reading Do You Know Your Heritage?