We Need You!

Post written by Keri De Deo The United States seems to be in crisis. According to the CDC, suicide rates have increased 30% since 1999. There were 45,000 suicides in 2016 alone! Naturally, we hear mostly about celebrities and public figures. There also seems to be a snowball effect. According to CNN, “suicide contagion” is … Continue reading We Need You!


Barfing on the High Seas

This post is by Abbie Johnson Taylor.   One morning years ago at the Sportsman’s Lodge in Los Angeles, while most of my extended family was gathered for my uncle’s wedding, we were sitting around the pool, discussing what we would do that day. The men wanted to go sailing, and the women wanted to … Continue reading Barfing on the High Seas


Post copyright Doris McCraw/Angela Raines-author   This short post is about what has inspired or stayed with me through the years. Books: Death Be Not Proud by John Gunther Siddhartha by Herman Hesse Flint by Louis L'Amour Movies: Hush, Hush Sweet Charlotte- and the theme song still haunts me https://youtu.be/OyYMXjmzjwQ Star Wars - best theraphy for … Continue reading Inspirations

Equal Pay, Equal Lines

     by Travis Richardson   Happy Equal Pay Day! Today is equal pay day in America. That means that from April 12 going forward, women will make the same amount as men for the rest of the year. The previous four months and 11 days women have been essentially working for free compared to their … Continue reading Equal Pay, Equal Lines

Things to Know About Me by Abbie

    This Post by Abbie Johnson Taylor   Thanks to Jodie Llewellyn at http://www.wordsreadandwritten.com/blogging-2/twenty-things/ for inspiring this. In her post, she answers some questions about herself. A while back, I did a similar post as part of a blog tour where several of us writers provided information about ourselves and our writing. Now, here … Continue reading Things to Know About Me by Abbie

Muggles to the Movies

This post by Jennifer Flaten Our local movie theater is running all seven Harry Potter movies, one a week for the month of October. I am a Harry Potter fan. I’ll admit, not from the very beginning. Actually, when they first came out I considered them only for young adults. Then a coworker talked the … Continue reading Muggles to the Movies

Zombies were great… now what?

This post is by Frank LarnerdThe undead, they've become the go to monster of the 21st century. They rule the cinema, conquered cable TV, and chew apart the competition in video games. Can the zombie trend last, or is there something new on the horizon?In the first decade of the new century, torture based horror … Continue reading Zombies were great… now what?

A Good Book is Hard to Find

This post by Jennifer Flaten As you know, I am an avid reader. I like nothing better than reading (okay, maybe I like cupcakes more), but I do really enjoy reading. In fact, if I have a good book, I will ignore my children, put off work or going to bed until I finish the … Continue reading A Good Book is Hard to Find

Movie Night

This blog by Jennifer Flaten Friday night is movie night in our house. We pop a movie in the DVR and eat our supper, usually pizza and popcorn while watching the movie. If I am feeling really festive, I make a special dessert or buy ice cream for everyone. Needless to say, everyone loves movie … Continue reading Movie Night

An Evening with that Master of Terror, Vincent Price! By Tony Piazza

This blog by Tony Piazza   With Halloween coming up this coming Wednesday I thought this post would be appropriate. Get out the candied apples, spiced apple cider, and turn down the lights, so we can spend... An Evening with that Master of Terror, Vincent Price! By Tony Piazza When I worked a couple of … Continue reading An Evening with that Master of Terror, Vincent Price! By Tony Piazza