I Started Writing…

Today Writing Wranglers and Warriors welcomes a new blogger, novelist and consultant Keri De Deo.    Posted by Keri De Deo I started writing Nothing but a Song at the age of 14. I played violin and sang in the choir, and my mom, a musician and music teacher, told me about Ludwig van Beethoven, … Continue reading I Started Writing…


Tap, Tap, Tap–Learning to Dance by Cher’ley

  This blog by Cher’ley Grogg Many of you have known me for a long time, and you know that my age is no barrier. I learn a few very new to me things each year. Earlier this year it was clogging, and now it is tap dancing. I even threw in some ballroom dance … Continue reading Tap, Tap, Tap–Learning to Dance by Cher’ley

A Thanksgiving Song

I'm Abbie Johnson Taylor, and I wrote this post.   Here’s a little ditty I wrote and posted in 2015 that I’m re-blogging. Years ago when my grandmother was alive, I enjoyed walking to her house, even as an adult. Now, our town boasts a series of connected cement walkways that would have provided a … Continue reading A Thanksgiving Song

It Happened On This Day

Post by Doris McCraw It's July 10, 2017 and do you know what happened on this day? I've always found these pieces of history fascinating. Maybe it's the researcher in me, or maybe it's just an insatiable desire to know.  Whatever the reason, I did a bit of searching and guess what I found? In … Continue reading It Happened On This Day

Hidden Talents

Post (c) Doris McCraw We all have hidden talents.  It is something that can be a journey to excitement, joy, and maybe even a little pain.  How many people say, "If only..." or "I'd love to, but..."? What would happen if you did that 'if only', or tried that 'I'd love to'?  Are we defined … Continue reading Hidden Talents

Useless-Time Sucks-Aggravation by Cher’ley

  This blog by Cher'ley Grogg Seems,  every time I find something I really like, it gets discontinued. There have been several programs over the years that I used a lot and then they were no more. Remember the sheep? I want you to know I spent a half hour trying to download a version … Continue reading Useless-Time Sucks-Aggravation by Cher’ley

Gratitude and Thanks

Post (c) by Doris McCraw We are coming on my favorite time of year. I am partial to the Holiday of Thanksgiving. It is not a time of giving gifts. It has nothing except the heartfelt idea of being thankful. Despite how horrible we think life is, we really do have many reasons for gratitude … Continue reading Gratitude and Thanks

The Power of Music and Books

by Sarah M. Chen For some reason, this is the summer of nostalgia. I’ll be attending concerts of artists I’ve always wanted to see when I was younger. Tomorrow night, I’ll be seeing Sting and Peter Gabriel at the Hollywood Bowl. Peter Gabriel is an artist I’ve always wanted to see (sorry, Sting). I still … Continue reading The Power of Music and Books

Summer Poetry and Music

  This Post by Abbie Johnson Taylor The following poem appears in the spring/summer issue of Magnets and Ladders. To hear me read it and sing two songs I associate with summer, click here. *** SUMMER HEAT   Warmth ushers in flowers' fragrance, new-mown grass, steak on a barbecue, happy cries of children, thud of … Continue reading Summer Poetry and Music

Awards and Rewards

Post by Doris McCraw As I've been watching the 'TONY' awards tonight, the topic I had been playing with coalesced. The thought of receiving awards for what we do may only be surpassed by the rewards we get for doing it. Or perhaps not. Let's begin with a definition of the two words: Award according … Continue reading Awards and Rewards