Fake News or Storytelling

Post (c) Doris McCraw In the 1870s the Signal Corps decided they would place a signal station on the top of Pikes Peak. Once the building was completed, the hardy men who lived up there set about doing their job. Since no one in the United States had lived at the altitude of 14,000+ feet, … Continue reading Fake News or Storytelling



Post (c) Doris McCraw Disasters! You may be thinking I'm out of my mind, especially with all the media covering the events of the last few years. Well, that's exactly why I am writing about disasters. You see, the local library district released their book "Disasters of the Pikes Peak Region", based on the history … Continue reading Disasters

What Happened?

This post is by Doris McCraw What makes your muse sit up and take notice? When the fickle lady decides she wants to go somewhere other than by your side, how do you get her back? Believe it our not, I go read. Yes, you heard or should I say read correctly, I read. From … Continue reading What Happened?