The Times They Are A’Changin’!

Gayle_BozemanFamilyChristian_smallThis Post by Gayle M. Irwin

We’re six days into the New Year: 2014 already – WOW! Last year marked 15 years since I moved from Montana, leaving a landscape that truly doesn’t leave my heart and putting behind me the everyday grind of being a small town journalist – reporter, photographer, editor, copywriter, page and ad designer, as well as receptionist, bookkeeper and other things I’m sure I’ve forgotten (or want to!). For a brief time, I picked up the career again like highway litter cleaner, but I only had to serve in two of the aforementioned capacities. Still, it was a grind, especially when towing the police scanner around on my designated “work weekends.”

As “all around journalist” at the West Yellowstone News during the mid-1990s, I conducted ad and page layout the old fashioned way: Pagemaker software, yes, email no. The layout was done by hand and I drove the 16 to 20 rubber-cemented pages compacted in a box and sitting in backseat of my car for 250 miles one way so those pages could be printed on newsprint. What a difference less than two decades make – so many other incredible changes such as email means no driving half-days and no enormous graphics paper or stinky rubber cement! Although those days of being up 36+ hours and driving two-lane roads, even in winter, are behind me, I am sure the experiences helped polish me, shape me, for the journey I’m on today.

My husband and I bought a Kindle Fire for Christmas – we also have an older Kindle I purchased used from a friend a few years ago. Such an amazing invention! And all the others: Ebooks, Smartphones, laptops, tablets, Facebook, Twitter – not even in a writer’s vernacular 15 years ago!

woman readingPublishing, too, has changed. I recently watched a newscast about a couple on the verge of foreclosure who began writing and publishing ebooks — they even made bestsellers lists… and they are self-published! Gives me hope (of course I don’t write steamy romance — but maybe I should!). Self-publishing, both print and ebook format, opens the floodgates wide for book publishing opportunities, and blogs, websites, online magazines and ezines significantly increase ways for writers to make a living. Freelance work may still be competitive, especially for printed magazines, brochures, and newsletters, but if that’s what a writer wants to do, that’s the direction s/he should pursue – and that’s just the pathway I plan to travel in addition to creating more Kindle books and trying more online writing ventures.

During the Christmas holiday, I explored children’s magazine options, and in the coming weeks I plan to query and/or submit to a few. I’ve also registered on a few websites for freelancers, including Elance and Flexjobs. The competition looks tough, but if one doesn’t try, the projects certainly won’t happen. Writer’s Market Guide still has its place on my bookshelf and I’ll be exploring the 2014 edition this month, but the Internet is now also a major pathway for writers to explore for work, both as a freelancer and as a book author. I am excited for what 2014 may bring – I only hope I don’t wrap myself up like a pretzel along the way!

What are the dreams, hopes, and goals you have for this New Year with regard to your writing career? The times they are a’changin’, but in many ways writing-wise, for the better!

As this New Year sprouts before us, may our writing endeavors bloom with luster!


Gayle M. Irwin is writer, author and speaker. She is the author of several inspiring dog books for children and adults, including Sage’s Big Adventure, Walking in Trust: Lessons Learned with My Blind Dog, and Devotions for Dog Lovers: Paws-ing for Time with God. She is also a contributing writer to editions of Chicken Soup for the Soul, to articles in Creation Illustrated and Our Town Casper magazine, and in the Casper Journal and River Press newspapers. Her future plans include creating newsletter and brochure content for businesses and writing more magazine articles. Learn more at

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New Year Success and Happiness Lies Within You

This Blog                                                                                                                                                                        by Cher’ley Grogg

The New Year it is fast approaching, we all have plans. Even if our plans are to stay home and do nothing, it’s still a plan. Most of us want to finish the old and start the new. I have several books in progress that I need to finish before I begin new projects. I tend to start too many projects at one time and I neglect me. Where am I in all the hustle and bustle? I am on a voyage, but at the present, I feel like I’ve been swept away at sea.

Your success and happiness lies in you. Resolve to keep happy, and your joy and you shall form an invincible host against difficulties.
Helen Keller

I have changed my plans three times, and none of those times included anything for me. I am happiest when I am making other people happy, in the process of making people happy I lose myself.  Stress overtakes me and what starts out as a pleasant journey quickly turns into a shipwreck.

How often have you found yourself thinking or saying the following?

“I wish I had more time for myself.”

“I’m so busy! I don’t have a moment to breathe.”

“I need more hours in the day.”

“I don’t have time for that.”

We lead crazy, busy lives. And the one thing we never seem to have time for is ourselves. This problem seems even more pervasive as we work harder to meet the challenges of this new economy. To read more and to see the solutions follow the link to Eight Ways to Put Yourself on Your Priority List.

Decide how best to spend “me” time. How each of us chooses to spend free time is as individualized as we all are. If you had an extra 15 minutes, a half hour, an afternoon or an entire day, what would you do to make yourself feel rejuvenated, relaxed and happy? Write a list and keep it handy when you begin scheduling time into your calendar.

Evaluate the things that are wasting your time each day. Do you check your emails constantly and end up spending more time on your computer than you planned? Do you play computer or phone games? Do you watch too much TV?

Sometimes we spend time thinking that it is relaxing and it is not. To figure out if the activity you are participating in is part of your “me” time. Determine how it makes you feel. After the activity do you feel refreshed, renewed or revitalized? If you do not, then do not count this as “me” time, even exercise can be a chore instead of a renewal, or reading can be a burden instead of a relaxation.

  • Take care of your physical health with adequate sleep, exercise, and nutrition.
  • Value your emotional health as much as the physical, with a support system of friends and a willingness to laugh. Not laughing enough shows too much stress in your life.
  • Schedule fun activities on a regular basis—it’s just as important to plan pleasure as it is to plan work.
  • Identify busy behaviors and people who drain your time and energy but aren’t really important, then give less of you to them.
  • Kill two birds with one stone, combining family time with exercise and find other ways to spend time with your family and friends while combining activities.

If you want smooth sailing in your life then schedule in some time for yourself. What are you going to do for you this day, week, year?

Stamp Out Murder”.

The Secret in Grandma’s Trunk” This is an especially good book for your Tween Children and Grandchildren.

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