A Plantain is Not the Same Thing as a Banana: Merging Family Menus

by N. M. Cedeno My husband got lucky in food when he married me. He didn’t have to adapt to a foreign flavor palette the way I did. When people create a new joint household, whether they like it or not, the foods they eat regularly will change depending on each family member’s culinary history. … Continue reading A Plantain is Not the Same Thing as a Banana: Merging Family Menus


Recipe for Fun

This post by Jennifer Flaten I have a condition (completely made up) that prevents me from reading a  recipe from start to finish. I don't know why, but I'll start reading the ingredient list, and if it is more than 7 items long I start to skim the rest of the ingredients. And, you have … Continue reading Recipe for Fun

I am Not a Procrastinator by Cher’ley

  This blog by Cher'ley Grogg Or What to do When Life Gets in the Way! I chunk it out--doing as much as I can in one setting, and then returning as often as necessary. Admittedly, I procrastinate, which drives me crazy. I AM NOT A PROCRASTINATOR. I Am Not a Procrastinator. I am not … Continue reading I am Not a Procrastinator by Cher’ley

Grandma’s Secret Recipe

      This post by Jennifer Flaten   Last weekend my mother texted me from her vacation home. She was up there on a nice fall weekend attending the town’s annual Harvest Fest. She wanted me to know she was on the hunt for the perfect piece of apple pie.   As our text … Continue reading Grandma’s Secret Recipe

Frozen Cookies

This post by Jennifer Flaten Christmas is one week away and today is Bake Cookie Day, coincidence? I think not. Whether you are a skilled baker or a novice in the treats department today is an excellent excuse to get in the kitchen and bake a batch of cookies. Even if you consider your self … Continue reading Frozen Cookies

Hot Cross Buns by Cher’ley

 This Blog  by Cher'ley Grogg Hot cross buns, hot cross buns--one a penny, two a penny, hot cross buns. I learned to play that little ditty on the piano long before I learned what a hot cross bun was. Bread is an important part of my life, has been for as long as I can remember. … Continue reading Hot Cross Buns by Cher’ley

Happy Thanksgiving

This post by Jennifer Flaten Of all the holidays, I think Thanksgiving is my favorite. I like that Thanksgiving’s focus is on the family…and food. While preparing the meal can be a little stressful, like the year I realized I bought the kind of rolls that needed to defrost for 3 hours before baking and … Continue reading Happy Thanksgiving