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Recently I was asked to give a talk about using photographs when writing. As a wildlife photographer photographs are an intimate part of my writing. I begin with the image, then write the words. With the aid of the internet you can literally have any type of image at your fingertips. Images can be part of anyone’s process. 

All Writers strive to create an image in the minds of the reader. By using photographs your description can help the reader visualize the subject, the setting, or set the mood.

1 Scenic

By noting the bareness of the trees and the ice on the water in this image you can add to your description and not use the word cold.

Having an image in front of you helps add subtle details to round out the surroundings in your story. A butterfly can convey a peaceful scene, or a warm day.  

2 Butterfly

Viewing photos can produce a chuckle, and calm you down so you can get in the mood to write.

3 Lemur

It doesn’t matter what genre you write images can play an important part in your process.

If you are writing a memoir Family photos are important.

4 Family

If you are working on a historical piece or western having an image can help tell the reader about the personality of a character. Weather the horse is well feed or groomed says a lot about it’s owner.

5 Horse

Suppose your story might benefit from the addition of a vulture, but you have never been close to one. A photograph could give you a close up view.

6 Vulture

The most important image to any author is their book cover. Don’t just gloss over this part of your book. It is important!

Cover 3-26-23

This cover grabs peoples attention, It says look at me. The fact that it my case it is a photograph and not an illustration says something too. This is the readers first impression of your work. It has to say take me home.

Back Cover 4-24-2013

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