Back to School Means Goals

A new school year always means goals to me. Like the goals I create at the beginning of every year, when a new school year starts in September I feel the need to create goals again. Or at least look at the ones I had and reassess. For us the schools start again on Tuesday … Continue reading Back to School Means Goals



This post by Jennifer Flaten I love school supply time. Okay, so I don’t love having to purchase an entire warehouse full of supplies, but I do love the idea of all those fresh new notebooks, pencils and yes, even tubes of glue. There is so much promise in all those lovely blank notebooks. They … Continue reading Supplies

It’s a Classic

This post by Jennifer Flaten How do you feel about “Classic Literature”? Is is something that you seek out or is it something that you vaguely remember reading for your school work and after slogging through ‘Moby Dick’ it is something you’ve vowed never to read again? Personally, I had to read a lot of … Continue reading It’s a Classic

Gift Of Words

This post is by Joe Stephens   In my other life I'm a teacher, as you can tell from many of my posts. I enjoy that job because I love being around young people. Some of the experiences I've had with them over the years will live with me forever and I have many lifelong … Continue reading Gift Of Words

Good People Are All Around

This post is by Joe Stephens I'm so tired I can barely think straight, so I hope this make sense. But the reason I'm so tired is what I want to talk about. I spent today at my school's fall blood drive. I usually just help with these events, but the person who normally supervises … Continue reading Good People Are All Around

Summer’s Over – Or Is It by Erin Farwell

I live in Georgia, where the summers are scorching and school starts in August. Yes, August. Fulton County schools started yesterday, the latest start for schools in our area. When my daughter was young, the start of the school year was difficult for both of us. All summer we had slept in, read, played, dinked … Continue reading Summer’s Over – Or Is It by Erin Farwell

Back to School Shopping

This post by Jennifer Flaten The school supply list posted last week. I figured it was bound to arrive soon, after all the stores have not only placed the school supplies on the shelves, but they have Christmas items waiting at the fringes of the store ready to knock the school supplies off the shelf … Continue reading Back to School Shopping

Summer As a Weekend by Joe

This post is by Joe Stephens This post is appearing in late June, but I’m writing it on Memorial Day, the date known to many as the unofficial start to summer. And the weather today is really bearing that out. Warm and muggy with the promise of thunderstorms over the next day or so. It … Continue reading Summer As a Weekend by Joe


This post by Jennifer Flaten School starts next week. Today the kids and I stopped at school so they could drop off the rest of their school supplies. As always, we are behind. We should have dropped all our supplies off at registration but we didn’t have the shopping list complete. Do you remember when … Continue reading Locker

It’s Twins

This post by Jennifer Flaten In honor of the twin’s 13th birthday, I thought I would tell you what it is like to have twins. Everyone has heard the story about the newborn twins that are instinctively joined as one. In their bassinette, one twin reaches over and grabs the other twin’s hand. Yeah, well, … Continue reading It’s Twins