Next Stop Home

By S. J. Brown I hope everyone enjoyed their summer as much as I did. I was on the road a lot, but by choice not necessity. In early June I attended the WV Writers conference. As always it was an energizing three days. I attended a number of workshops, conversed with friends on the … Continue reading Next Stop Home


Team Work

By S. J. Brown  Like many writers I am a bit of a loner.  I can easily spend large blocks of time alone and be quite content.  I also find that being part of a team can be very rewarding. I was recently part of a team of a few dozen people that gathered together … Continue reading Team Work

Getting Educated on Marketing

By S. J. Brown As a writer there are two things I truly suck at, punctuation and marketing.  One of my New Year’s resolutions was to work on both.  So when an on line course I had been eyeing was offered for free for one week only I signed up.   This was my first … Continue reading Getting Educated on Marketing

Something New

By S. J. Brown Over the last several years I have branched out, trying new things.  I know what you are thinking, now what is she up to?  I have joined a group of people who plant trees along creeks and streams to help filter water runoff and give cover and sometimes food for wildlife.  … Continue reading Something New


By Stephanie Stamm For my "S" contribution to the A to Z Blog Challenge, I decided to share a poem I wrote about my sister. Three years have passed since her death, after 10 years with early-onset Alzheimer's. This month marks the anniversary. Writing this poem was a way for me to reclaim and honor … Continue reading Sister

The Flannel Pajama Philosopher – By Sherry Hartzler

Okay, this is Tuesday morning. I’m sitting at the computer, my hair sticking out in all directions, my body wrapped in heavy flannel pajamas. I’m enjoying the view beyond my computer screen and out the garden window. The sky is a sapphire blue, the earth a dull brown, laced in a pre-winter frost. I shouldn’t … Continue reading The Flannel Pajama Philosopher – By Sherry Hartzler