What’s Your Theme for 2018?

Do you have a yearly theme?


Layering, not just for haircuts and cakes…

This post by Craig Snider One of the inevitable responses to a great book, movie, or show, is “how did they come up with such a complex story?” Or, maybe there is a twist ending, or something completely unexpected that throws the audience for a loop. Now, I’m not talking about a story where the … Continue reading Layering, not just for haircuts and cakes…

I love A-Zs – Don’t you?

This post is by Nancy Jardine An author friend of mine at Crooked Cat Publishing commented that he was having a ‘go’ again at the world wide April A-Z Challenge Blog Hop. He’d done it last year for the first time and recommended it. A number of ‘we’ fellow ‘Cats’ signed up. Rules are simple. … Continue reading I love A-Zs – Don’t you?

Where Does a Story Start?

by Alethea Williams Most of us who write have had the experience of someone wanting to tell us their story so that we can write it down and make lots of money.  The two things I have trouble conveying to people who don’t write are: 1) I have enough story ideas of my own. 2) … Continue reading Where Does a Story Start?