How I Coped with Summer

I'm Abbie Johnson Taylor, and I wrote this post.     Now that fall has come, I reflect back to “those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer,” and as the song says, I wish we could just stay in that season. Like most, this past summer went by way too fast. It wasn’t as long … Continue reading How I Coped with Summer


The Slough Water Was Warm, But Wet…

by Neva Bodin Recently there was a request in the local newspaper where I spent my childhood for articles containing memories of growing up years. I began to wrack my brain, (an interesting phrase now that I think about it), for any such memories. And I asked myself if I really wanted to write about … Continue reading The Slough Water Was Warm, But Wet…

Something Fishy

This post by Jennifer Flaten My birthday is February 29, which makes me a Pisces. According to the astrology charts, I am a water sign, and adore all things aquatic. I do love seafood, sea horses and the color of the ocean. Actually getting into the water….eh. In fact, one chart insists that Pisces love … Continue reading Something Fishy