Wedding Receptions in the You-Tube Era

 Posted by N. M. Cedeño     What’s going on with wedding receptions these days? My husband and I were apparently married in a bygone era, the pre-YouTube era. Consequently, our bridesmaids and groomsmen did not choreograph dances, put on a ballet, or produce a Broadway musical during our reception for the entertainment of our guests. … Continue reading Wedding Receptions in the You-Tube Era


Anniversary Gift by Abbie Johnson Taylor

This post by Abbie Johnson Taylor In the past ten years, I’ve had three life-changing events, all prefaced by natural disasters. In December of 2004, an earthquake and tsunami struck the coast of Japan. In January of 2005, my husband Bill proposed to me by mail. He was living in Fowler, Colorado, while I was … Continue reading Anniversary Gift by Abbie Johnson Taylor

It Was Lovely

* * * Posted by Kathy Waller This week my husband and I celebrate our tenth wedding anniversary. We both started out late, and we're rather pleased with ourselves for completing our first decade together. In honor of the event, I'm posting a piece that appeared several years ago on my personal blog. ***** I … Continue reading It Was Lovely

Love, Love, Love

 This Blog  by Cher'ley Grogg Love is in the air. I know it’s not February yet, but in my world love is everywhere, especially with my oldest grandson who is getting married in February. It’s good to be around them and to remember stories of my own wedding and my children’s weddings. I’m constantly asking for … Continue reading Love, Love, Love