Celebrating Moms, Celebrating Women

This post by Gayle M. Irwin During my presentation and book reading last Saturday at the Natrona County Library, they sat next to young children or held babies in their arms. On the drive a few short hours later to a different community’s bookstore, one sat in the back seat of my vehicle next to … Continue reading Celebrating Moms, Celebrating Women


Adults Only, But Men Are Welcome

by Neva Bodin I may have mentioned before that I am entertained frequently by articles in the newspaper. Barring all the stories of what horrible things people do to each other of course. Today (October 1, 2015 in the Casper Star Tribune, Casper, WY) there was encouragement for writers in Garfield’s cartoon. “The best books … Continue reading Adults Only, But Men Are Welcome

Delightful Details

Post copyright Doris McCraw As I work to complete my short story for a Medieval Anthology, along with a Western one and a proposal for next years History Symposium, I am having fun with those delightful details. In the midst of preparing this post, the link for a music video came through. Talk about details. … Continue reading Delightful Details


Post copyright 2014 by Doris McCraw           History, love it or hate it. For most researchers there is a love/hate relationship. You love what you find, but it leads to more. You end up asking more questions than you answer. Still that is what leads to new ideas, new stories or … Continue reading CHALLENGING ASSUMPTIONS

The Other Half

Post written and copyright by Doris McCraw           This past weekend I spent time with some amazing women who write about the experience of women in the West. The organization was celebrating its twentieth conference.  It began when women authors wished to be acknowledged as writers of western fiction. The group … Continue reading The Other Half

Who Was the First?

            This post written and copyrighted by Doris McCraw We can document Julia E. Holmes, Harriet A. Leonard and Mary Helen Barker Bates in Colorado in 1878. These were early doctors, but there is one who precedes them all. The first documented woman physician, to the best of my knowledge, … Continue reading Who Was the First?

When It Ain’t Right

This post written and copyrighted by Doris McCraw Research is so much fun and bear to deal with.  If you are going to post a piece of history, it is usually a good idea to make sure it is verified.  As most of you know, I have researched early Colorado doctors.  One of the source books … Continue reading When It Ain’t Right

Men Have Boxes

 This Blog  by Cher'ley Grogg Men have boxes. I was watching this very funny video comparing the minds of men and women. I laughed so hard, yet there was a lot of truth in the little skit. I’m glad my man is different than me. I sometimes fall apart, especially when I am in deep grief, … Continue reading Men Have Boxes

Waiting-Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down

 This Blog  by Cher'ley Grogg Standing around is no fun. I noticed at a recent event that I attended how people were very impatient when it came to sitting around and waiting for something to happen. Everyone was happy and had someone close to them to talk to, but still they were restless. So I’m wondering … Continue reading Waiting-Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down