Forever is Never Too Long

Thanks to Rhonda Partain for inspiring this. I believe that if you truly love someone, forever is never too long. Most marriages aren't fraught with the turmoil that ours was. When my late husband Bill and I were married in the fall of 2005, I was in my forties, and he was nineteen years my … Continue reading Forever is Never Too Long


3 Short, Fun, Writing Exercises

  By Cole Smith   Do you want to flex your writing muscles more often? Stuck in a waiting room with too much time to sit idly, but not enough to dive into your WIP?   All of us have a few moments to spare for creative play. The next time you have a notebook … Continue reading 3 Short, Fun, Writing Exercises

Looking for a smart dinosaur…

When 14 and in the eighth grade, I couldn’t resist a good UFO book. Yes, I was a true believer. I’d use my allowance to purchase the UFO best-sellers back in the mid-1960s. Flying saucers remained a fascination well into my 20’s. When still in junior high, I wrote a paper on – what else … Continue reading Looking for a smart dinosaur…

Old Yoo vs New Yoo, and All That

 by M. K. Waller Today's topic: The Yoo, weekly report #1.  [For readers who haven't read my previous post, a Yoo is one of those bracelets that calculates the steps you take and other facts you'd rather not know.] First, I registered for the "Up Off the Couch" challenge--50K steps at 10K a day. 10K … Continue reading Old Yoo vs New Yoo, and All That

The false ads on TV about detoxifying your body with special Foot Pads and spa footpaths

I am writing about the ads on TV about detoxifying your body with special Foot Pads. They say they are based on ancient Japanese medical secrets and contain magic ingredients. There are also costly the detox foot baths at spas. They say both get rid of toxins through your feet that cause everything from arthritis … Continue reading The false ads on TV about detoxifying your body with special Foot Pads and spa footpaths

Mustang Grapes and Dewberries

By N. M. Cedeño   In the second week of March, the Bradford pear trees in my backyard burst into bloom, displaying a profusion of tiny white flowers. Within a few days, rain and wind caused the white flower petals to “snow” down from the tree, covering my patio in a layer of white. Following … Continue reading Mustang Grapes and Dewberries

Welcome Spring

By S. J. Brown Spring has finally arrived here in West Virginia. I no longer need to travel South to find warm weather and baby critters to photograph.   No more hats gloves and 3 layers of clothes. Although my early morning excursions still include a hooded sweatshirt. Critters are more active this time of … Continue reading Welcome Spring

Take Some of This!

  by Neva Bodin   Ringworm cure: Mix half Sulphur and half lard. Put it on thick. For chest congestion, mix four tablespoons flour with two tablespoons dry mustard; add enough warm water to make a paste; spread on a dishtowel or flour sack, cover with another cloth and lay on chest and back. For … Continue reading Take Some of This!

The Revenge of the Yoo

 Posted by M. K. Waller After years as a modified Luddite, I've finally acquired a smart phone to replace my dumb one. David gave it to me. He bought it a couple of years ago and used it for a while, then decided it wasn't worth the trouble. I still carry my dumb phone. Before … Continue reading The Revenge of the Yoo

Autumn Cleaning: Re-evaluating Things #writerslife

by Ronel Janse van Vuuren I wasn’t sure what to write for this month’s post: I have so many ideas! But with the feeling of Spring/Autumn in the air I went with that. In my part of the world it is Autumn. It’s a beautiful time of year when the leaves turn into shades of … Continue reading Autumn Cleaning: Re-evaluating Things #writerslife