From Slums to Palaces, by Stevie Turner

I had a really happy childhood in London’s East End, living in what was called a ‘pre-fab’, a type of prefabricated house which was supposed to be temporary while the council sorted us out permanent accommodation. My parents did not have much money, but at that time I had no idea that we were not … Continue reading From Slums to Palaces, by Stevie Turner


My Most Precious Possession by Abbie Johnson Taylor

During a memoir writing workshop at the Wyoming Writers conference I attended a couple of weeks ago, one of many story ideas we were given was this. If your house was on fire, and all the people and animals were safe, what would you take with you? This reminded me of a conversation I had … Continue reading My Most Precious Possession by Abbie Johnson Taylor

Baseball cards & childhood memories…

This post written by Mike Staton. # # # Sometime in the warm months of 1961, I purchased my first baseball cards. Let me rephrase that… Mom bought them for me. Through the decades the hobby brought me plenty of joy. A year before Dad had begun helping out the coach of a Little League … Continue reading Baseball cards & childhood memories…

We Need You!

Post written by Keri De Deo The United States seems to be in crisis. According to the CDC, suicide rates have increased 30% since 1999. There were 45,000 suicides in 2016 alone! Naturally, we hear mostly about celebrities and public figures. There also seems to be a snowball effect. According to CNN, “suicide contagion” is … Continue reading We Need You!

The roar of the techno dinosaur

This post written by Mike Staton. Back when I worked, I kept up with technology changes. Sometimes, though, I let things slide. When I worked as a newspaperman in Central Florida in the 1980s, I used stone-age technology to help put out the daily newspaper. There was no InDesign software to lay out pages. In … Continue reading The roar of the techno dinosaur

Paths Not Taken

By S. J. Brown All of our lives are filled with choices. Those choices often leave us to wonder about the paths we chose not to take. Looking back there were a lot of paths I didn’t take. After spending 2 years in Cosmetology school. I decided cosmetology wasn’t the path I wanted to take. … Continue reading Paths Not Taken

My Brother versus the Honey Bees

By N. M. Cedeño What would you do if you discovered honey bees had moved into a wall of your house? My brother, who lives near Dallas, Texas, had this issue recently. Here is what to do. First, you call a beekeeper. The beekeeper will come to your home and takes thermal images of the … Continue reading My Brother versus the Honey Bees

A matter of nothing…

Post written by Mike Staton. # # # Just what is a guy to do when he has nothing to write about? Well, sometimes you just have to write about nothing. When you look at the sky and the air, you might be forgiven for thinking: It’s full of nothingness. Yet when you think deeper, … Continue reading A matter of nothing…