Rain… rain, come again

Mike Staton
My name’s Michael Staton and I wrote this post.

I’m on a record-keeping binge.

I’ve been keeping rain records for my little area of the Vegas Valley since July of last year. Raindrops haven’t spotted the driveway since Tuesday, May 9. Not even sprinkles for 66 days. Time for a prayer: Lord, drop a sprinkle or two on my head… please.

Hopefully, he’ll answer my prayer sometime over the next few days. Vegas TV weather forecasters are saying the valley might get thunderstorms this week. Today (Monday) is the best chance with a 40 percent chance. I’ll be stepping out every hour and looking up at the sky, hoping to see those dark, ominous clouds that portend rain. Maybe I’ll hear a peal or two of thunder.

Las Vegas rain
This is what I’m keen to see… some Las Vegas rain. As the Beatles sang, Let It Be.

I’ll even risk Sharon’s ire. She lives on a different timeclock than the other 7 billion people on Earth. When I step outside during the afternoon via the front door, she’s trying to sleep. The valley gets quite windy even on calm days. The swirling breeze sneaks into the house when I open the door and rattles the bedroom door. Be rest assured I’ll hear about it.

I love to walk the neighborhood at night when storm clouds gather in the south sky above the Boulder City area. Lightning crackles inside the clouds, lighting them up. Sometimes I can even hear the low rumble of thunder rolling across the landscape. It’s like I’m experiencing my own symphony.

Desert rain comes to desert
Nothing like a wild desert rain. Over the last couple of days it has rained in the mountains near Las Vegas, but has mostly shied away from the valley.

Sometimes on lightning-and-thunder nights, the wind will pick up as I walk the streets. The hot wind threatens to blow off my baseball cap. I have to tug the cap against my ears every few seconds. And then I feel a raindrop smack my face, and soon even more raindrops find my skin. The wind becomes noticeably cooler. I wonder: Can I get back to the house before it rains harder?

Sometimes the neighborhood gets no more than sprinkles and I get back to the house without getting a drenching. Other times the heavens open up and I do get a soaking. Either way is fine with me. That’s not entirely true. It’s awfully nice to feel a steady rain on my face, especially after months of no rain.

I hope the local weatherman’s forecast doesn’t change. I’d love to feel raindrops on my face.

Blessed Shadows Dark and Deep Front Cover-Final
Well, this is it… the cover art for my Civil War novel, Blessed Shadows Dark and Deep. What do you think?

Update: As of Sunday night, I see a new online forecast on Weather.com. Monday, 20 percent chance for thunderstorms; Tuesday, 20 percent: Wednesday, 30 percent, and Thursday, 40 percent. Looks like the rain will take a little longer getting here.

By the way, did you see the front cover artwork for my Civil War novel? Just in case you missed, here it is. What do you think? Better than the one I rejected after revealing it on Writing Wranglers and warriors a while back?

# # #

I’m an author with three fantasy novels to my credit – The Emperor’s Mistress, Thief’s Coin and Assassins’ Lair. The books make up a trilogy titled Larenia’s Shadow. A fourth novel, this one a historical romance set during the Civil War, is scheduled for publication in October. It’s called Blessed Shadows Dark and Deep. I’ve begun writing my second Civil War novel – Deepening Homefront Shadows. All my novels can be purchased via the website of my publisher, Wings ePress, as well as the websites of Amazon and Barnes and Noble.


19 thoughts on “Rain… rain, come again

  1. I find it fascinating how one persons joy is another persons fear. We’ve been getting more than our fair share of rain in the high desert here in Colorado. I’ll gladly send some your way. Our flash floods and burn scars are always an area of concern and fear. Here’s to the rain. May you enjoy it on your face for more than just a few minutes. Doris

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    1. You’re right… a downpour in the Mojave can result in deadly flash flooding, like what happened over the weekend in Arizona where 8 or 9 people were killed in a canyon. Same thing happened in a Utah national park a year or two ago. I went to a state museum in Vegas a while back and they had a VR exhibit on flash flooding.


    1. So true… lightning in a desert area without rain for more than two months equals a brushfire. I haven’t looked outside today… need to get a look at the sky and see what’s happening. Also, see what the weather radar shows.

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  2. I spent the weekend in South Carolina, I was Hoping for rain. We were guarding a load so we couldn’t leave the truck.Friday night was hot and muggy, but we did get rain Saturday and Sunday. I walked in it, had the window down, and even played in the mud puddles. I love rain. I don’t want tho be caught iin a heavy downpour, but I like to walk in a slow steady rain. Hope you get your rain this week. Cher’ley

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    1. Sounds like you had fun. Back in the 1970s, I had a female friend who was also a newspaper reporter. We were buddies, not boyfriend-girlfriend. One time we were at a tavern listening to live music and drinking a pitcher. When we left, we walked in a light rain to the car. On the way, she spied a sizable puddle. I saw what she planned and said, “No! Don’t you dare!” She ignored me and jumped into the puddle, spraying both of us.


  3. Love the photos, Mike, and, like Vegas, we’ve been high and dry in Casper (although one storm rolled through on Friday night last week, and on the mountain, where our cabin resides, we experienced rain both Friday AND Sunday nights — so thankful!) I catch a forecast or two for your area now and then, and mostly have seen how HOT Vegas area has been. I hope you all receive that much needed rain this week — I’ll be praying with you! Thanks for the great post — learned more about Vegas-area weather than I knew.

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    1. Wow, I just heard thunder… so maybe the Lord heard your prayer. I’m going to step out and see what’s happening. It’s almost 7 a.m. and I haven’t been to bed yet. So what.


  4. I remember when we had thunder and lightning and then it would rain all night, such a comforting sound. And then it would rain all the next day. Or there would be a heavy mist for several days, cold and miserable but wonderfully wet. Haven’t seen that in years. And around Central Texas lately, it’s either drought or flood. These days, I get so excited when I hear thunder, it’s downright pathetic.

    May you get all the raindrops you want.

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    1. I do know about wind. I lived in Wilmington, NC, for 25 years. Been in quite a few hurricanes. Falling trees… roofs damaged, decks destroyed, sheds leveled. I’ve experienced all that — and more than a week without power. Nothing like the sound of generators humming all over the neighborhood.


    1. I love the sound of rain. When I was a kid, I’d spend the weekend at my maternal grandmother’s house. When storms would approach, we’d sit on the swing on the front porch and watch the lightning and listen to the thunder. I first heard the term angels bowling in heaven from my Grandma Mid.. I figure she’s rolling a few celestial bowling balls herself.


  5. Rain is in a whole different category in Scotland! My husband came out with a good one just yesterday. When I was planning my day as in: Do I go outside and cut the grass and do other gardening chores? Or do I stay indoors and write? He pointed out the window to indicate it was already raining and happily declared ” No problem. Summers here. The rain should be a bit warmer this afternoon!” 😉 Enjoy your rain if and when, Mike.
    Yes, I love this cover better for reaching a greater audience.

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