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Memories of an Antique

by Neva Bodin Memory is the capability of retaining or recalling mental impressions, facts and feelings. This past week was a walk down memory lane for me, although my house causes that walk too. Please notice the double entendre of … Continue reading

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Barfing on the High Seas

This post is by Abbie Johnson Taylor.   One morning years ago at the Sportsman’s Lodge in Los Angeles, while most of my extended family was gathered for my uncle’s wedding, we were sitting around the pool, discussing what we … Continue reading

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Pings and Tangents

Post (c) Doris McCraw Have you ever had those moments where something you hear hits you in the proverbial solar plexus? Sometimes it comes out of nowhere and other times, it’s like you are looking for it. Once you hear … Continue reading

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Hangover Revisited

This post is by Abbie Johnson Taylor.   I just returned last night from a week in Florida with my brother and his family, where I had a wonderful time. Since I’m still unpacking and have a million other things … Continue reading

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The Man on the Flying Trapeze

Have you ever been to a circus, watched an aerialist, and wondered how they did it or thought, oh boy, I’m glad I’m not doing that. Well, believe it or not, my late husband Bill, after suffering two strokes that … Continue reading

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Sweaters in Salem

* * * * Posted by Kathy Waller   I’m in Salem, Massachusetts. I’m here for Writer Unboxed’s UnCon. I’m cold. Cold is what I wanted when I registered for the conference last summer. Sweater weather. I don’t get nearly enough. … Continue reading

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Acting Out at Open Mic Sessions

    This Post by Abbie Johnson Taylor   I was born in New York City to want-to-be actors who realized the importance of having a day job. That didn’t stop them from acting, though. We moved from New York … Continue reading

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First Job

This post by Jennifer Flaten My daughter officially started her first part-time job. She is working for a local restaurant. She is super excited to be making money, plus she is the first of the twins to get a job, … Continue reading

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Summer Strawberries by Abbie Johnson Taylor

Author Abbie Johnson Taylor I love to eat them year round, not just during the hottest months. When my late husband Bill was alive, he would buy them fresh, rinse them in cold water, remove stems, slice into bite-sized pieces … Continue reading

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. Kate Wyland . We put down my last horse three weeks ago. Glory (officially Fallen Queen) was 31, mostly blind from cataracts, had Cushings disease and arthritis. I hadn’t ridden her for the past two years because her blindness … Continue reading

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